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  1. Are there any news on this? I just realised I had a print paused because of material empty (it actually got stuck, this happens a lot) and l lost lots of time now. If I had got a notification I would have solved the problem in the moment cheers,
  2. I managed to remove the filament. First, I drilled a hole of 1,2mm. It doesn't have to be that size, but close Then I put in a small screw and pulled. With the help of a thin fiber I had I checked and the path is now clear I had mounted and calibrated already a new core so I won't put this back, so I don't know if it works properly. In any case, here I leave this info in case it helps somebody cheers,
  3. Hi, I sent a print job with tough PLA. It was working normally. When I went to check the printer the material wasn't coming out the print core 1 (AA 0,4mm) The filament was broken in several parts inside the bowden tube. I remove it Then I heated up the core to 240ºc and push down with a piece of filament. It didn't come out. Also pushing in with a needle. It seems it doesn't melt. It might be stuck in a position where it doesn't get hot. After a lot of work with a small utility knife and managed to cut the filament right above the print core to
  4. Hi, I am getting printed a disc in the corner of the S5. It seems like a support. It's not the blob. What is it for? How can i get rid of it? thanks regards,
  5. Hi, I am not sure if I can get the chloroform... I will talk to some chemist in my working place, as far as I heard some time ago it is not easy to get the permission. I'd rather avoid "nasty" chemicals... About the resin print: It is very nice, we have a Form2, but out part is too big, and in the future we plan to make a 1 meter x half a meter part. It won't be easy (or cheap!) thanks
  6. It sounds like a very good option. We will look into that thanks
  7. Hi, Here more news about this project in case somebody is interested. It was printed, glued to an aluminium connector and screwed to an aluminium plate with a flange for measuring the tightness. We used helium to see the leaks in the system. With the probe at the bottom (see it in the picture, it is the front face of the printed part) the leak rate was pretty high. It could hold water, but it is not air tight. The idea now would be painting it with some resin. But we are not sure since the over pressure - normal cycle might damage it cheers,
  8. One could do a replacement holder (3D printed) integrating some bearings. The question is: can the S5 chassis take the 2,5kg weight? For now we have taken a small 750gr empty spool and rewind it with the 2,5kg filament cheers,
  9. this one i didn't see it looks very nice if our workshop has capacity we will try to do something in aluminium thanks
  10. Yes. Bearings sounds like a good idea I just saw in thingyverse one can find the "original" spool holder. But we will do something independent thanks
  11. Hi, Yesterday I was trying to print again to check the settings to let you know here. I was in the same room when it broke. It turns out that it broke not at the feeder but like 30cm before. Either it got caught somewhere or the spool was not spinning. We have a 2.5 kg filament. It doesn't turn very freely in the Ultimaker holder. I'm thinking about putting some grease (dirty), teflon (if it fits) or making an additional support with bearings or a better turning mechanism. regards,
  12. Hi, The filament is actually bending a lot, I have to bend it 180º and back to the other side to break it. I tried with other PLA (not tough) and they snap much easier. Is it possible water got in and that's why it doesn't snap? because it is softer? thanks
  13. Hi there, We have an Ultimaker S5. We haven't used it for a while due to the coronavirus situation and home-office time. A colleague printed something last week and I also tried on Friday with tough PLA from BASF Innofil 3D When I arrived today the printing process was paused and asking for more material. The filament was broken at the height of the feeder. I am guessing maybe too much pressure and maybe the filament not going out of the nozzle. Perhaps the temperature of the print head is not high enough after some time?
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