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  1. I watched the video. It looks very promising the volcano PLA. Unfortunately I can't order it (it's not in our ordering system). I'll first try with CPE+, if it doesn't work I'll find a way thanks
  2. Thanks for the tip. I found the HT PLA from proto pasta (CDP12805) but it is not clear to me the working temperature. I sent them an email I think we'll go for the CPE+ or PC since it is easier to order for us cheers,
  3. Hi, Yes, I saw the material page and narrowed down the choices to the CPE+ and PC (we need it black, it has some LEDs inside) Let's say it has a prism shape with 10x10x5 cm3 (4x4x2 inches3) and we will need supports (new design to be made). According to the Ultimaker Nylon properties, it has a glass transition temperature of 50ºC. And yes, it seems CPE and PETG is the same thing (different brand names) thanks
  4. Hi, Thanks for the recommendation. Unfortunately PETG is not available in any of the vendors I can choose from. CPE+ and PC seem promising but apparently difficult to print CPE+ seems easier to support. Which one is easier to print? thanks
  5. Hi there, We have a S5 we use mainly to print PLA, tough PLA, PVA. 0.4mm nozzles, everything very "standard" We have designed a part which will be exposed to a temperature (working conditions) of 80ºC. It's a case hosting some electronics and LEDs. Could you recommend a filament able to resist high temperature and easy to print? I found a table and the candidates would be: abs, hips, nylon, asa, polycarbonate, polypropylene I see different information about ABS regarding the maximum working temperature. I'd have to check each manufacturer value. Nylons also seems easy to print, but I saw it is flexible. Is it very flexible? All the others are more difficult to print. What would you recommend? thanks regards,
  6. I spoke too soon In one of the sides there is still the outer wall. Small, but there:
  7. Hi, When I slice I get a lot of support around the part. I want to remove it. I've tried with the support blocker unsuccessfully. Is it possible to get rid of it? thanks regards,
  8. Hi, I made a comment about a feature on Facebook and I was sent here. My proposal was having a panning, zooming and rotating system like the one of Preform. When selecting a part it would be great to have a sphere or the rotating rings, as well as the bars for panning and zooming. Here a picture from Preform. Also, click and drag to create a selecting rectangle in order to select different parts at the same time thanks
  9. great! i think we will go for the drybox thanks
  10. ok, I will do the overnight drying. and study the drybox purchasing option. Should PLA also be put into the box? then the Ultimaker won't recognize the materials with the NFC chip. One can just introduce manually and that's it, right? thanks
  11. Hi there, I left something printing on the weekend, and when I arrived today the printer was stopped in an early stage with an error saying there is no material. Both of them are there. One can see that the support material, PVA, is not printed. I "changed" it (unload, load, same spool, not event taking it out) and just a bit came out. The material came a bit out, but not much. I tired to resume the print but again an error. Is it possible the PVA is too old? cheers,
  12. Hi, A colleague brought me a sliced file to print out. He doesn't have the printer installed in his computer. I have taken the file, use the parts and sliced them again. When I send the to the printer, via network, they go to a queue "Waiting for first available" and never printing The printer is connected and online Why is this happening? Is it related to creating the files in another computer? thanks regards,
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