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  1. Shouldn't it be cleaner? or if it doesn't retract it is faster? Here another picture, there are many of these "loose threads" making a very bad looking result. Why is that?
  2. I got some traces on the infill (picture attached); I didn't change the Combing option; is this from combing or maybe the nozzle is not well aligned? it seems to make a noise when traveling some times thanks
  3. that was a fast answer! It will be some work to redo the letters (with Catia is very annoying); with the thin walls option it makes something a bit weird, but now it is readable; I'll print and see what happens thanks
  4. Hi, I'm building a plate to put nuts on it of with screws to have on my desk. Designed in Catia, exported to STL, imported in Cura 3.6. When I see the part with the solid view, I can see the letters (picture attached); one can see clearly the M, but when slicing it, in the layer view the M becomes 2 sticks and 1 point (no diagonal bars). It is very strange, can't the Ultimaker make this small detail? thanks regards,
  5. Hi, There was no good end (both failed, but one much more than the other), in any case the not failed sections look nice. Thanks for the tips, very useful I'm still puzzled with the support; it always builds around the walls, even if there is nothing on the top. Here attached some pictures of a glass, the PVA goes all the way up cheers
  6. So, I tried to print the siphon again. I wanted to try the finest layer height, 0.06mm; it turned out to be a failure, not because of the supports but because of the attachment to the bed. Attached some pictures. There was no brim, was that the problem? I didn't follow the print out, and at the end I saw the failure: I guess the nozzles were going over the lifted (not attached to the bed) parts; could they get damaged? thanks
  7. It's not removing model (nothing was printed yet, it only started warming up and levelling), but there is like an "error screen" one has to touch/click. Next time I get it I'll send a picture thanks regards,
  8. Hi, My printer and computer are far away. I like very much the fact that I can just send a job and it will start printing (as a side note: in the case of the Form2 I need to go to push a button, which is annoying, and they will not change this). Some times I send a job to the printer, I realize I want to modify something so I cancel it with the "queue manager". The problem I have, is that when I want to submit it again (with the modifications) it won't start; I have to go to the printer. Is there a way I can send a new job from the computer after canceling? thanks regards,
  9. Or triangular; as long as it has a closed cross section would work. I asked partly to learn more about supports. I'll try the round shape (for demonstration purposes it looks nicer, we have students from schools visiting some times) with a small layer height cheers,
  10. Ok, I will try these retraction options. I'm using pretty much the defaults from Cura, I understand they are optimized for the S5. Honestly I'm a bit surprised about this, because it makes the printouts look ugly with the standard settings cheers
  11. Good idea How can I set both origins to the same place?
  12. In the description of Thingiverse they suggest not using support, but I was worried about the very top of the tube. I also took this as an exercise to understand supports better thanks
  13. Hi I printed this: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2249711 I put too much support (PVA) and it is impossible to remove. The idea now would be putting very little so water can flow and clean the PVA easily. I think the best scenario would be two vertical walls following the axis to help to close the pipe. How can I build the support like this? I created a 10% infill with line pattern, with the result of the attached pictures, but: - the walls on the right side are cutting the flow of water - it creates a base (like a brim) PVA, why so big? - it creates support on the inner bottom and top walls, why? the bottom one doesn't help; the top will be not be supported to help with the upper PLA wall - the crossing walls on the right side go out of the pipe, why? thanks regards,
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