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  1. I contacted the local dealer and in turn they contacted Ultimaker and requested the firmware file which they then forwarded to me and I installed on our printer, haven't had an issue since reverting to 5.2.11. I'm not sure why they take down old versions but if you want the file PM me.
  2. If it was an incorrect step/mm setting then parts twice as big would have twice as much error. Which isn't the case; that's why I suspect backlash.
  3. I'm having issues with part accuracy with our S5 - have had these issues since day 1 but tried to live with them till now. Almost all parts I print are 0.10~0.15mm too large in the Y axis. The material used doesn't seem to make a difference; neither do the speed and acceleration settings in Cura. Is there any way to compensate for backlash other than resizing each model after importing into Cura? Or is there anything else that I can do on the printer itself to calibrate/correct this issue? I checked the sample part supplied with the machine and made by Ultimaker, it measures 25.05x25.18 so I know the issue always existed. I'd appreciate any tips or suggestions; this is supposed to be a professional machine and it has been quite reliable till now but options for calibrating should be a standard feature in this price bracket.
  4. I had the same issue a while back, I decided to revert to an older firmware version which had worked fine but some say if you reset Cura Connect it fixes the issue. Just beware that it will delete all your print history/stats/logs.
  5. jkcz

    S5 Firmware Issues

    So a little update - I contacted our dealer and in turn they forwarded my request to Ultimaker. I received my original firmware file - version 5.2.11; installed it and our printer is running fine now. No wasted time waiting for cooldown and the camera feed works great again. A Cura Connect reset seemed to fix it while still on 5.4.27 but I didn't test for very long so can't confirm whether or not the issue would have eventually reappeared. Thanks @Carla_Birch for the tip! The dealer also knew about the firmware update headaches, I must have not been the only one complaining. Let's hope Ultimaker doesn't let these issues ruin their good reputation in reliability and service. I'm sure they're working hard, but personally from now on I will be waiting with available firmware updates and reading others' experiences and changelogs more thoroughly before I update our machine.
  6. jkcz

    S5 Firmware Issues

    Oh sorry, didn't realize that. Yes I tried that earlier today and now I guess I'll have to wait and see, hopefully this fixed it. But in doing so we lost all our stats and counters, didn't realize that would happen since it's not a full factory reset. Thanks for the tip!
  7. jkcz

    S5 Firmware Issues

    Yes, as I wrote, I updated to 5.4.24 and after that to 5.4.27.
  8. jkcz

    S5 Firmware Issues

    We purchased our S5 in July and have been using the same firmware version since then. (I think it was 5.2.11) Was pretty stable; only issues we experienced were when CPE or PC parts would sometimes detach from the buildplate and cause the Z axis to jam, then freefall and the printer would continue to print until it would complete the program. We had a few major material buildups; one time the bottom fan door axis broke right off but that is another story. Anyways, I noticed last week that there was a new update available - 5.2.24 so I went ahead and installed it. The printer acted a bit different (can't totally skip cooldown anymore!) but I didn't think much of it until I printed something overnight which also managed to detach and jam the head, almost breaking it for a second time. (Usually I check the progress but this time the camera wasn't working; neither through Cura or in the browser. If I see something odd I can pause or abort remotely). So then I checked for updates again and saw another one - 5.2.27, I installed it but the camera feed is still dropping out after a few hours of printing. The only way to fix this is to restart the machine, which means I can't really trust the printer on long, unattended prints. I would appreciate either a firmware upgrade which fixes these issues or help to downgrade to the last known stable release - preferably before the skip cooldown option was removed and where the camera feed was also still functional. We were planning on buying another S5 here at work but with my recent issues it is on hold. This is an expensive machine and it has to be more stable and dependable and less self-destructive.
  9. I have the same complaints since the last update I performed, seems like a waste of time since we print a lot of CPE and PC and it takes a while to heat up the build plate. Regarding the Buildtak, we use the Ultimaker Adhesion Stickers and the same thing happens with those; the nozzle melts holes in them and like you said it seems unnecessary to preheat everything so hot. @SandervG I think it would be simple to change the logic to use the buildplate/nozzle temps from the upcoming print but max out at 70 or 80C on the bed and 230C on the nozzles.
  10. If the OP would post his source code then maybe someone here would be able to compile it and add it to the Cura toolbox...
  11. Was this plugin ever made available? I would really be interested in using it for direct exporting from Solid Edge to Cura.
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