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  1. I found something in the Ultimaker site called "Ultimaker Personal" which looks interesting, just not sure how to activate it or how to share printers in my account with other Personal users. Can anyone explain how this is supposed to work? Detailed subscription overview – Ultimaker Support Ultimaker Personal Individuals or home users will unlock the features of the Personal plan by simply connecting an Ultimaker printer to the Ultimaker Digital Factory. Users can gain access to the full Ultimaker Personal offering by having an Ultimaker printer sync'd, or shar
  2. We purchased our first S5 in July of 2019, in general should a second glass plate have been provided at least up till that date? Has anyone received a glass plate as compensation after that date?
  3. I had the same issue after about 2500hrs of printing, I had to buy the blocks myself though since the reseller refused to provide them under warranty. Sometimes it makes you wonder what warranty is actually for. Anyways, after changing them out the printer works great again. So yeah, if they are falling out then you definitely need new blocks. The rods should snap in and be held quite tightly.
  4. In general I agree with the simplified concept, the only thing I would add to the main Printing screen would be layer number (but I'm sure there are some other good ideas out there.) My requests have more to do with the info available in the Digital Factory, not sure if that's your field but it would be a huge help to be able to tap or mouse over a nozzle number or the build plate and see what the temperature is to give a better overview of the heatup or cooldown cycle or to make sure the correct parameters are selected. A proper runtime statistics page somewhere in the machine setti
  5. I got a few glass plates cut to fit but they aren't as accurate or as chip resistant as the originals. By the way, the first plate from our first S5 is still relatively chip free while the 2 plates that came with our second S5 chipped within the first couple months while actually seeing less prints and using mostly PLA. Both our printers are R1's and I'm still upset that I couldn't even get a glass plate as compensation, I don't know if it's just my retailer being sticky or acting on orders from Ultimaker. Not sure what new ones cost, probably not crazy expensive but still was a bit misleading
  6. Our first S5 (July 2019) came with one glass plate and a little card with a link to sign up for an Aluminum plate which I did and never got a response, I tried to contact Ultimaker directly and also received no answer. The reseller said I'm not eligible for a second glass plate even though I understand I should be. Our second S5 (Feb 2020) came with 2 glass plates in the box.
  7. Awesome! I had the webpage open in the background all morning, and now the camera icons both came back without even refreshing the page. Looks promising, thanks for the quick turnaround!
  8. I'm having the same issues, first I thought it was the company internet policy so I got all the address required to use the cloud services whitelisted (I think @ctbeke posted these a month ago or so, can't remember exactly where I found them), it worked for a bit but was flaky. Now I can't get the camera icon to show even if there is no filtering or surfing policy enabled. I only upgraded my firmware in order to be able to use this feature and now it is broken too:(
  9. I have another request - show more info but rather in the Monitor tab in Cura and/or in the browser based Print Jobs tab. It would help to see temperatures (bed+hotend) and material remaining (at least when using Ultimaker material). This could be shown in a popup window when clicking or tapping the nozzle number or the build plate icon. Showing how much material is left would help diagnose remotely (be able to see why the machine paused or if the material will run out) and temperatures would help monitor the heat up and cooldown phases, also would give a way to confirm that the basic print se
  10. Thanks, hopefully this gets included in the next release. I wasted about an hour yesterday trying to print a ~45min part. Whereas with the old firmware I could abort and skip cooldown if I noticed a material blockage at the start of the print, now it takes about 15 minutes or more between prints. Another issue I noticed was that now after the print completes the nozzle just stays above the part, in my case the bed was set to 110C and it waited till it cooled down to 90C before it lowered the bed and went to the home position. What also happened a couple times since the update is that duri
  11. One issue with the new version (actually since 5.4.24) is that there is no option to skip the buildplate cooldown delay. It's a real pain, especially since we print a lot of high temp materials, like PC, CPE+, PP etc. First of all it takes a while to get to the set temperature but then once done a print we now have to wait till the bed drops to 60C just to heat it back up to over 100C again. I'm writing this while I'm waiting, I was hoping that it would have been fixed with the new firmware but I guess not. When could this be reverted to the previous behavior or does anyone know a trick to get
  12. Yes, I lost all my statistics and analytics (actually they were already inaccessible after the upgrade but before the reset). The only real way I can count machine hours is through the nozzle data which is obviously not the best solution. Thanks for all your hard work!
  13. Thanks for the update, I installed the latest update on both of our S5's (had to do a Reset Digital Factory on both after the update) and then added one to my Digital Factory account; after that I made it the host for the second printer and it then showed up as part of the group in the cloud as well as locally. Looks good for now, the local connection is just as stable as before but with the added benefit of the remote options + camera. Regarding Essentials, the only additions thus far have been the Cura Enterprise version, Academy and Knowledge Base, correct?
  14. I had the same issue, couldn't connect using the code on the screen. What I had to do was to Reset Digital Factory after the update and then it worked perfectly (same issue on both of our S5's).
  15. So now that updates to Digital Factory and Ultimaker Essentials have been released, how does this affect my previous questions? Is user management still identical? Is the printer camera now available via the cloud service? I'm considering signing up for the Essentials trial but I'd like to know before I go through the work/risk of upgrading firmware and adding the printers to the cloud service.
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