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  1. I realise this is an old thread and there may be newer ones that explain better this issue. I too bought a brand new 5S last week and its axis are >5mm of in x & y over 110 mm! It print diamonds not squares 😞 I printed the suggested tools that are great! However, i can only do 1 pulley on one side of the axle before i have to rotate to get access to the other pulleys allen screw. This obviously throws off the squareness each time i rotate to get tool access. Not great. How can i take off the belts to rotate the pulleys (so they are atleast at the same angle) so they can be done up at the same time without the need to rotate the shaft?
  2. for PLA ive never had an issue turning off the bed after the initial layer. I'm making the comment there is a bug in the SW that 0 doesn't reflect true temperature. Otherwise why does cura allow you to change bed temperatures to zero? Is there an update to the new firmware release date? i think its approaching 2 months now
  3. Update, maybe of use to someone, if you use 1degree rather than zero the base is off.
  4. Has anyone tried turning off the heated bed after the initial layer? Cura 4 seems to be on all the time no matter what. Does anyone else have the same issue?
  5. Has anyone experienced the blob extrusion issue? Since the update? Goes to print the Blob, after a short extrude Z moves down, extrudes some more. Z raises into print head, Print head moves to start of print position dragging some/if not all of the blob with it. Initially i wiped the nozzle to remove the blob. At the time i was just happy my printer was alive after updating🤦‍♂️ Is there any update from UM on when the fixes will be released? how long has it been now? The reason this isnt even bigger for UM is that not everyone has upgraded. (my work 5+ machines, some of my mates 3+ machines etc to name people i know) But when those users start to update the small trickle of issues will get bigger and bigger. (look how many UM users have just signed up with 1 post to complain!) Like many other people on here I'm really disappointed. I would expect this from a cheap Chinese manufacture but not from UM. I feel like I've fallen for the marketing (as per usual). Really not impressed and wont be recommending forward.
  6. Interesting. The 5.2 thread issues never end. Mine is slightly different to yours in the video. mine goes to extrude the blob, Then the Bed drops for more extrusion. -Great. However when its finished... the z goes UP to the print core, and forces the blob into the nozel then drags the blob across the plate, Being covered in plastic it then goes to start printing and every print is ruined. Not going to be so eager to update my firmware in future thats for sure!
  7. Does anyone have errors on um3 ‘exceeds build volume’
  8. Still getting this error. I keep pressing ignore till i can print and it seems ok. but not an ideal fix. Has anyone fixed this issue?
  9. Going to call my reseller AGAIN tomorrow. I'm starting to really regret my purchase.
  10. I have worked round my issues. To some success. Factory reset x3 i reverted back cura 3.6. (No more build volume rejections) manual levelling. turned off active level frequency. Stops error of print core differences. not perfect by any means. that seems to have worked for me, although the stepper control seems worse? V juttery. Given nothing was working im up. +1 week out of action. Not entirely impressed w the start up attitude of allowing customers to find your issues over proper testing. will wait till there are solid firmware updates confirmed here before i even think about updating again. agreed re reseller communication but what happens when youre out of warentee? returning the printer isnt really an option or what happens if you bought second hand? My reseller expressed they are aware of the issue but there is nothing they can do. -atleast i made the call i guess...
  11. Suddenly thought is it ‘max comb without retract’ that could account for the out of range issue, tried it again reducing the comb from 15 to 0 and still the same error. 3.6 works no problem
  12. Weirdly it only just stopped working. but now the issue is latched and will not work any more. just reverted to 3.6. issue solved🤦‍♂️
  13. I too am now getting this error. Was fine but today its refusing to print anything w or without support. everything is well within the bed edges. it does attempt to print via usb but only if you keep clicking ignore till the warning goes away
  14. Hi, - These problems started after updating to v5.2.8 -Yes 😞 - When you run the Bed Level sensor test from the Diagnostic menu it is reported as 'Low sensor performance -Yes 😞 - You changed the cap board, but results remain the same. 😞 yes - XY calibration fails with the same error. 😞 yeah unless i cancel the active leveling in settings then it starts printing the calibration grid. I can manually level and it prints ok. The calibration is right on the +20/-20 limit. at either end. is that normal to be so far off?
  15. & video of my issue here...sounds the same as a few others. Check out the video... in the below link
  16. Hi, the link wasnt working as of last week. But is now. i started another thread on ‘er45 low sensor performance’ firmware = the error message always come back as pictured... after diagnostics. (First two pics) -got no reply from thread or resseler. Therefore i decided to Change the cap board and the result is the same. (As per the other thread ) I carried out the er45 stuff several times after an ultimaker member replied to my support message which was v good of them. They sent me the same info but on a different link. Ultimately it still does whats in the video upload time after time. see resulting in the ‘differences between print cores exceed realistic values’. When the nozell is 10+mm away from the bed.
  17. I have also been having endless issues with my um3 just after update. When i go to calibrate XY, it says ER45 and a link to ultimaker. -Checking the link shows a broken page. If i auto bed level this is what it does... The nozels are 10mm away from the bed despite being correct when i manually adjust the bed. I change the capacitive board thinking it was that and no change. It does print but only if i dont active level before hand.
  18. I changed the cap board but cant active level. However if i go to print a part it works, and just starts printing. Can you roll back a firmware update?
  19. I have the same issue. I replaced the cap board and cables to no avail. When i go to calibrate XY, it says ER45 and a link to ultimaker. -Checking the link shows a broken page. Any ideas? If i auto bed level this is what it does... The nozels are 10mm away from the bed despite being correct when i manually adjust the bed. Really stuck now. Any ideas?
  20. Just seen another thread related to the capacitive sensor cables being damaged. -Mine are in tact and have continuity between the board and the connector on the back of the print head.
  21. Hi All, im new here and really need some help, as no searching on the net has solved my issue. I have an ultimaker 3 and can no longer level the bed manually or automatically. Initially the error was too bigger difference between the print heads when there wasn't one. If i went to calibrate the X/Y it would say Er45 check ultimaker.com/ER45-but the page link is broken. After the latest firmware update, I did a diagnostic on the machine, the only issue that has cropped up is under Bed level test, was 'low sensor performance' Can anyone help or has anyone experienced the same thing? Any help would be much appreciated.
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