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  1. Not sure if it's of any use but I currently have some ultimaker nylon parts in use in Arizona. They are being being subjected to water and the sun daily and not fairing well either structurally or dimensional y.
  2. Found this one, does anyone have any experience? https://shop.3dfilaprint.com/taulman-3d-bridge-black-285mm-3d-printer-filament-11694-p.asp
  3. Hi, Been making a lot of parts using Ultimaker Nylon on my S5 and now have to do a production run. The Ultimaker Nylon is working well but the price is killing me. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good brand that won't break the bank? Thank's.
  4. Can't help but I would love some of this. Obviously not a hardware limitation.
  5. Thank's I thought that might be the case. Prints seem solid enough so I'll not be too concerned about it.
  6. I noticed that after soaking some CPE prints in water to remove PVA they are taking water into the infill. I only really noticed when I blew them off with compressed air. Is this normal?
  7. Ishy

    Ultimaker Nylon

    I've just printed a couple of parts with this and they dimension a good way off from the model, is this a characteristic of this filament? Parts are pretty simple and fine with CPE using the supplied profiles.
  8. You could try rotating it 90 degrees.The problem is that printers aren't simultaneous 3d so the Z will always be in small steps because they can't move all three axis at the same time. I work with cnc's and printer is what we refer to at 21/2D.
  9. Interesting thought, I'll try a slightly hotter temperature next time I use the .25. Thank's for the input.
  10. Interestingly the problems were with an AA 0.25 head. Yesterday I changed to a 0.4 and it's just finished a 15hr print without a single problem.
  11. My S5 has recently started doing this and according to the above it's the CPE not the PVA. Not connected to a network and it's a pretty new roll of filament. Does Ultimaker have an official fix for this yet? Reading this thread I only see workarounds and maybe's.
  12. Ok, thank's for the reply. Funnily enough I do normally use some hairspray type glue.
  13. Just removed a large CPE part from the printer and left it for 30 minutes during which time there was a lot of creaking. The part came off with almost no help at all along with the surface of the glass as you can see in the pic. No glue was used on the build plate. Anyone else had this?
  14. Looks good, so did you just replace the glass bed with a sheet of acrylic? Did you heat it and did it stick ok?
  15. Also noticed this but strange it's just the one area.
  16. Yes its a Ultimaker S5,also its a very small closed room thats pretty hot. Looking more closely (I paused the print) it's just the outside wall in that one area. It's 100% infill and that seems perfect.
  17. Can anyone hep with this please. Its BASF carbon filament at the recommended temperatures but as you can see the layers seem to be separating in one area.
  18. Not seen that before but looks neat. Can't help wondering if the exposure time is enough to completely dry the filament though. Also been looking at food dehydrators which seem to be an option. For now I'm running a dehumidifier in my print room which is relatively small.
  19. Ishy

    Springy filament.

    Wow thank's, you sure know your filaments!
  20. Turned it off and bingo, sorted. Strange it's enabled in the CPE profile.
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