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  1. Was happening both through USB and WiFi.
  2. WiFI also stopped connecting after the firmware update.
  3. I keep getting this error message: "An error occurred while processing this print job. Line nr = 0". It's happened on multiple different print jobs. It also hangs up while trying to start a job, and also when trying to abort a job. Happened before & after the latest firmware update. Any thoughts?
  4. Running Cura 4.2.1. I've been having a problem with flat bottom layers having sections that supports won't build under. It's happened to 3 or 4 different parts in the recent past. Attached are pics of back-to-back layers to show where the supports are building in relation to the flat build areas. As you can see parts of the surfaces are fully supported, and parts have no supports. View starts at layer 2 to remove the brim for clarity. Due to the nature of the part, I cannot upload a 3MF file or a STL, nor the GCODE. I am using the default profile for the DuPont CF Nylon & Ultimaker PVA, an
  5. What I meant was it does not maintain the X and Y position on the part when it's imported, it automatically centers it on the build plate.
  6. We do our file prep in Materialise Magics; part fixing & orienting. But when I import a part in Cura, it does not stay in the position it was saved in in Magics. Is there a way to change this?
  7. Ultimaker S5, got a 'Heater error on the print core in print head slot 2. Go to ultimaker.com/ER31' last night sometime. The touch screen will not let me exit out of this error. This is what the link says: A heater error on one of the print cores can occur when the print core fails to heat up. The printer is trying to heat up the print core, but the print core does not report an increase in temperature. The display will show which print core is affected. This refers to a problem with the thermal connection between the print core’s temperature sensor and heater. The cause of th
  8. I am running a S5 at my work. It is connected to our network via WiFi. When I asmof-site, I cannot access it through the Ultimaker app or through Cure Connect. Any thoughts?
  9. I'll look into it, thank you! I've run the Ultimaker Tough PLA at 0.06mm and the results are real good, almost as good as SLA at 0.10mm. The parts we get made out of Bluestone aren't super expensive (more than doing them in-house obviously), but the lead times are usually 1-2 weeks. We're trying to keep as much in-house as possible (we run 2 large frame 3D Systems SLA's, 1 Stratasys PolyJet, 1 Ultimaker S5, and are taking delivery of a BigRep PRO FFF soon).
  10. I am looking for a high temp filament that is fairly easy to print on our Ultimaker S5, that will be able to print at 0.06mm layers. We currently outsource these parts in a SLA resin called Accura Bluestone (which has a HDT of 270°c once thermally post-cured). We need it to take about 145-150°c without warping. The parts will be under NO load, and will be metalized most of the time. Is there any such filament out there? Thanks in advance!
  11. I apologize if this has already been asked, but what is the minimum layer thickness that is recommended with the XSTRAND PA6 using the CC 0.6mm core? I noticed on the Cura profile it only shows a 0.2mm as a default.
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