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  1. My mistake on the layer height; that was definite a mistake on my part when I saved the .3mf file. It was to be sliced at 0.4mm "sprint" height. Another question that has been rattling in the back of my mind is whether the esteps need calibration. Do you think that overextrusion could be a possible side issue? Thank you for your thoughts and collaborative advice. I'm looking forward to experimenting with your ideas once we get our printhead back from the warranty department. Our S5 Pro has been a very tempermental child. It may be a substantial length of t
  2. Sure. I didn't have a .3mf file saved for this print, but I recreated it as best I could recall. We needed an extreme level of structural integrity in this component, so the wall count is abnormally high with 75% infill to bolster any compression loads the walls couldn't handle. Because I've had issues with oozing, I turned on coasting and increased retraction to 8mm. Otherwise it should be a stock 0.4mm Sprint profile. Layer Shift Profile.3mf
  3. Using an AA0.8 hotend, our S5 Pro produces irregular shapes on what is supposed to be a vertical or near-vertical face of the geometry. The print layers shift erratically. It appears that some layers or groups of layers are inexplicably adding steps: However, layers shift both in and out but mostly out, thus eliminating the possibilty of a single axis losing steps and shifting an entire layer profile: Sometimes the shifts are more gradual. It still destroys the dimensional integrity of the component: Another issue that I
  4. Fascinating. Your insights are helpful. On more than one occasion I have had difficulty with the getting the MS to respond to a new filament being inserted for loading, and assumed there was a buildup of filament dust/shreds on/in/behind/around/in front of (not sure of the sensor concept employed in the design) that kept the MS from recognizing the insertion of new filament. I've been having quite a number of issues with the Pro Bundle over all, and at this point any little glitch makes me jumpy. Thought it would be better to know what and how to keep it working rather than helplessly (and ir
  5. Aha. I've been fighting the same issues (Error 65, error 58), and like you have not been able to find any causes. Cleaning of the cores did not show any reason for the plug. No job has reached completion (including several failed prints) since updating the firmware. I came into work this morning purposing in my heart to remove the MS and just print. We need to get some jobs done with a minimal amount of fanfare, and the pressure is building. Thanks for sharing your observations, @UlrichC-DE. Maybe I'll try to retrograde to a stable firmware version instead.
  6. Amen. I'm new to UM, having been most familiar with Lulzbot previously. To this point have not been impressed with UM. It seems there is forevermore something wrong, aborted prints, etc. Perhaps it is due to the Material Station. I'm not following your thoughts on the Bowden length, but I have had repetitive problems with the collets slipping in the decoupler, and have learned not to trust them to stay put. I'd be interested in hearing others' tips on how to smooth out the myriad of errors that seem inherit to the S5 Pro Bundle. The design is still quite uns
  7. Thank you for sharing your hard-won experience @Elfonerio. I just got done with 4 rolls of MH Build series PETg in Black. Layer adhesion was excellent, but flexibility was nearly non-existent and my parts broke easily. The breaking characteristics of the PETG was much like flint or glass: After reading your post @Elfonerio, I ordered some UM CPE+ to do a re-print. So far, so good. It is has much better manners in the printer. But you're right, @P3D, it is expensive. But my alternative was reinforced (abrasive) filament, so UM CPE+ is a halfway point to see if we can avoid the
  8. Our UMS5 Pro has been running long enough to need bearings and bowden collets replaced. Having purchased it new less than 6 months ago, these machines apparently are high-maintenance and finicky. (I documented 5 errors and nearly as many shutdowns within the last 12 hours.) Is there any preventative maintence that should be done to keep the material station happy? I'm concerned about clogged feeders and blocked sensors causing errors mid-print. My search for UM documentation on the subject has not landed any results. I'd be glad to hear what other Pro users have found helpful.
  9. I'd be interested in hearing more input on this thread. We recently recieved an AA0.8 hotend for our S5, but are struggling to create the near-perfect prints we have grown to expect from our AA0.4 hotend. Our latest 0.8 print turned to Ramen noodles: We are using stock Cura profiles in 4.6.1, with the travel slowed to 35-40 and temp at about 208 (using Matterhackers Build PLA). Print bed is 60C with PEI surfacing (BuildTak). What causes the "warts" protruding from the layers? And the ripply "blistered" look?
  10. Good news! One of UM's techs has offered me access to the information, software, and hardware I need to repair our S5 Pro and get it back in production. I find it amusing that I'm using our trusty Lulzbot to print the UM-required safety plugs to repair the S5 Pro. Gr5, you are entirely correct: The instructions are explicit. You can kill yourself--literally--for cheap with an S5. I'm not flinchy when it comes to dealing with electronics, but it is helpful to know that I need to be v..e..r..y c..a..r..e..f..u..l. Also, before opening the bottom plate, I wan
  11. A 3.5 day print finished on our S5 Pro over the weekend. I removed the print, shut the machine off, and went to prepare the next model. Turning the S5 back on yielded the Linux boot screen (Black Screen of Death). I did nothing but cycle the power while the machine was between print jobs. I am waiting for instructions from UM. Their tech said I should be able to re-flash the firmware with a microSD. Meanwhile, our parts production languishes at Zero, so to speed recovery I canvassed the forum and came across this thread. It's not a reassuring read, to be honest. I loo
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