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  1. i am having the embrittlement issue with PLA as well as PVA. i do not use each material daily-they may sit in the MS unused for a week. in every case the material length with marks from the feeder/prefeeder is brittle and results in my having to cut off/waste almost a meter of material each time i start a print with any of these . i have tried unloading the filament and just leaving the reel stored in the MS with the same result-tooth marked length is too brittle to use. is it better to store all materials not in continuous use outside the MS?
  2. Downloaded 5.8.2 and all appears ok. One question though-on aborting a print, the machine did a hot pull and then went through the cold pull as part of the abort/finish routine. This leaves the filament too far back in the Bowden tube with a long “tail” from the hot pull making me concerned about fully unloading the filament. I have had this occur twice. In one instance, I opted to retry the print but the core had lost its prime due to the extra retraction. Is this a new bug or have i just not noticed it before? Thanks
  3. We have 2 bundles. the material station on one is going back for service with an inoperative prefeeder caused by grinding after a PVA jam. The jam was cleared, but apparently the prefeeder clogged up and there is not adequate tension for the prefeeder to complete the feed. After the filament slips a bit it errors out. There does not appear to be a way for the user to service the prefeeder which means every time this occurs, it needs to be shipped back for service. is there a user procedure to clean the prefeeder? Having a device prone to PVA jams/breaks which cannot be serviced on site i
  4. I’m new to the forum so sorry for not posting in the proper thread. I have a new s5 pro bundle. Prints well. The display does not get past “Ultimaker S5” or the “working” circle. It will accept jobs from cura although occasionally cura cannot see the machine. If I pull the plug and wait a minute or 2 it will boot properly once. After turning off it will not boot properly again unless unplugged and plugged back in. I can provide logs. Thanks
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