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Every layer after the first is under-extruded

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I've had my printer for a while now and have had this problem a few times before, but it's really becoming a pain and screws up almost every print now.

The first layer goes down beautifully. Nice and flat, not too thin or thick. After that is where all the problems start. As soon as the second layer starts, it comes out thin and almost seems under-extruded. If I stop the print and restart, no clogging seems to have occurred as the first layer of the new print turns out great again. If I let the print continue in its under-extruded form, the print eventually becomes bumpy and causes the buildplate to rumble like crazy whenever the nozzle hits a bad spot.

Another thing I've noticed is that occasionally the nozzle will get clogged and then unclogged within 3 seconds. I've tried most every method of clearing the nozzle, but the problem persists.

What can I do to solve each problem, or will one fix correct both of these issues?

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I assume you have done some Atomic cleans? Can you see through the hole in the nozzle after a clean? Just wondering if you have a large bit of junk floating around somewhere.


I've done several atomic cleans and the nozzle seems to be as clear as it will ever be.

I took some pictures to better illustrate the issues I'm having.


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can you take a look at your speed settings:

first - expert - full settings

second - advanced - what are your speed settings?


Travel Speed - 150mm/s

Bottom Layer Speed - 20mm/s

Infill Speed - 80mm/s

Top/Bottom Speed - 15mm/s

Outer Shell Speed - 30mm/s

Inner Shell Speed - 60mm/s

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Ok I would like you to try a different tack. You do not say I think, what layer resolutions you are using. I will assume your bottom layer is .300 which is running at 20mm/s. You then move to some layer resolution printing at 30mm/s (now the speed used for printing all aspects of the geometry). Can you please keep this standard speed and reduce the layer resolution to .150 for layer two onwards. I have no idea of the size of your model but if you can, then please print two, even better three. at the same time. Load the model into Cura, right click on it and select "Multiply object" and set "No. of Copies" to 2. Go to the Tools menu tab and select "print all at once".

Then report back what you see.

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