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Will the Wiki or something similar return?

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Well we used to one...

Will it return?

I know I would love to see something in it's place! For example, others have posted fantastic tips on best printing temps for certain materials, best bed temps with and without glue stick, etc. etc. I would really like to see something like this be available!

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Ultimaker has some terrific brand loyalty, as this forum shows. But speaking for myself, this forum is seriously testing my patience. This forum's design and mechanics have a pretence of being oh so special. But when it comes to usability and function, it is simply a mess. (I just reviewed this post in preview; can I scroll in the editor window to see the start or end of the text? No.)

I am 60 years old so it must be an age thing, but I fail to understand why users should be awarded with levels and points and likes and best answers and titles and icons. Some feedback is nice, but there appears to be some serious craving for awesomeness in all this.

Anyway: Wiki? 3D printing is complex, there is so much to learn, there are so many helpful insights. Collect them in a wiki, fed by users? Makes a lot of sense, no? So I wonder why a wiki is left to die. My only answer: Ultimaker does not want to empower a community. So what is Ultimaker trying to prove?

My 2c. No offence meant. Just don't understand the priorities.

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We are working on expanding our knowledgebase as some of you have already pointed out.

It will be expanded with the following categories and we'll work hard on filling it up completely with valuable and relevant content.

The topics it will have (although the titles might be improved)

3D Modeling



Improving print quality

Post processing


Print tutorials

Upgrade tutorials

Lesson plans


General knowledge

If you have specific knowledge in any of these areas and you want to contribute feel free to let me know and we'll see how we can all best work together!

Alternatively, if you have any other suggestions I would be happy to hear about them too.

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