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UM2+ Feeder extrusion problem

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I have just updated my UM2 to UM2+. Unfortunately, I now experience problems when printing. The material is not coming out smoothly of the nozzle. If you lift up the tension lever on the feeder, it sometimes helps, but I cannot sit there all day holding the lever when printing.

One thing I noticed is that the feeder wheel gets "offset" when I insert the material where I would expect the tension lever to be the one that moves away from the material. I have added a picture of the feeder with the "offset" feeder wheel. Is it supposed to be like this? I would be very happy if one of you could upload a picture of your feeder.


For the record, I use 2.85mm PLA filament

Thanks in advance


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I don't think you'll be able to order just a feeder.

Is your machine new ? What happened ?


It was a UM2 that was updated to UM2+. It was updated at the store where we got the UM2 in the first place. After getting it back, I started noting the problems with the extrusion and the feeder. I got the feeder wheel replaced at the store under warranty and it is now up and running perfectly.

We do not know whether it was broken when we got it, or it has been weak and broke doing the first prints we made. I have not found any broken loose parts inside it or around the printer.

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