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olssen block on the UMO+

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I have tried it, it does work.  but the clearance between the bed and the fan shroud is so low that the shroud will clash with the bed clip if you print near it.  other than that, works great.


I think you are confusing the olsson block with E3d/3dsolex nozzles.

Olsson block doesn't work on umo+

On the other side, E3D/3DSolex 'nozzles' do work but the aluminium fancap needs some tunning (or complete replacement) so it doesn't hit the bed clips.

You can, to use an olsson by replacing the fullhotend to um2,

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Well it would need some adapting parts to mount an Olsson block to an UMO+. However, mounting the complete UM2+ head from the upgrade kit as @Neotko did is maybe much easier.


True, with a shorter Peek it could fit, but since you also need to change the heater from umo+ 6mm dia to the um2 4mm dia, and you would need to drill a 3mm perfectly aligned for the screw that tights the heater/pt100, it's quite a big mod.

The um2 hotend, bare minimum price, it's around 66€ for the olsson + tfm 16-20€ + new heater (35W) 25€ +  aluminium parts from an Ultimaker distributor (around 10-12€ each part x3) 36€ and the middle and bottom plastic parts are 3,54€ each part, so 7€. Also you would need x2 fans for cooling (20€), the fancap (printable), the 5v Sunon fan (I suppose 10-15€). Spacer for TFM (printable), no pt100 assuming you can take out the one you already have on the umo+ (very easy to hammer it out from the opposite side with some WD40 or while hot) and last part the top head designed by Meduza at youmagine.

So... 165€ for a new um2+(ish) hotend

And ofc, new nozzles :D(but you actually can use umo+ nozzles on the olsson block if your heart so desires)

For 165€ or 190€ if the pt100 breaks you have a fully high quality um2+ hotend, not a bad deal. I did that on 2 machines and on the third I just installed a full um2+ kit

Edit: Forgot the Steel Coupler (doh!) so add 16€

Edit 2: Arhggg. Also you need shorter long screws, the ones from umo+ are too long. I had to print spacers to place on the top.. So more printed parts.. Or you can saw them... (did that also..).

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The economical way would be to change the fan shroud and keep everything else original. If you have some more money, I would totally recommend to install the UM2/UM2+ printhead (and geared feeder if possible) as it transforms the UMO into a completely new printer.

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