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Automatic orientation plugin

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I've finally found some time to make a quick wrapper for the excellent algorithm created by Christoph Schranz. It calculates the optimal orientation based on overhangs of the object.

Note that it's a quick & dirty implementation on my end, but it should do the trick.

You can find it on; https://github.com/nallath/CuraOrientationPlugin

It's supposed to work with Cura 2.3

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Very cool. Seems to be working fine on my end at least. Well, in so far as it re-orients parts to what looks like a good print direction at least. I took a couple of models that I had made, rotated them into an awkward orientation and let the plugin try and fix it. It rotated them back into the direction they were designed to be printed at, so it seems to be working :)

And for those wondering how to install. Click the green "Download or clone" button towards the top right, download as zip and drag the "CuraOrienationPlugin-master" folder into: "C:\Users\YourNameHere\AppData\Local\cura\plugins"

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The algorithm is not stable. Hitting calculate optimal angle will reposition the model in a different orientation.

Also the starting angle will affect the resulting orientation.

I'm not talking about angle around the Z axis; the model can actually get different orientations around the X and Y axis.


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I asked, because with a lot of organic models I printed lately it doesn't do anything.

If I load a cube and rotate it on its point, it reacts as expected, but if I have an organic model and rotate it in a position where a lot of red shows it does nothing...


Huh. Odd. Do you have an example of one of those models?

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