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Considering an ultimaker3 - would like advice

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Hello everyone.  I'm thinking of starting a 3D printing business in my spare time and am likely going to get either an UM3 or a Replicator+.  I hear the replicator is very fast, but the UM3 is much more versatile.

I wanted to get your opinions on how well the UM3 works in real life compared to the videos.  Can you print complex assemblies (such as gearboxes or the spinning spheres) well enough?  Is it consistent?  Can you get it to print quickly if you need it to?  How about use with simplify 3D (if you have any).  How often does it experience issues? Do you recommend ultimately?


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In addition to searching the forums and reviews, I would suggest that you design a few small test models that include all your specific questions or items. Then go to a club, 3d-hub, or dealer who has those printer, and have the models printed while attending it. Have the owner explain stuff while watching the process. Of course you will need to pay for the materials and time this takes, but it will be a good investment. You can see if it matches your expectations or needs.

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'fast' is a bit of a non word - there is print fast, and move fast and most printers can move fast (between print moves) and slow down during print moves - so the 'speed' part of what they publish can be a bit meaningless. Which machine you buy depends on where you are and what you want to output .... MB has publicly stated they are moving away from the domestic market - they have just laid off another 30% of staff ..... there are other, better machines out there.

If I were setting up a 3dp business - while I would LOVE to have a UM3 I would probably buy 2 UM2+ ......... the UM3 has so many design features to encourage reliability and ease of use - which as i say, I would LOVE - but if you offered me that or the superb UM2+ twice ..... then I would always go for capacity .....

But it purely depends on your business model and capability in the 3dp field.

Please don't expect the printer to pay back in the short term if you are doing work for others - platforms like 3dhubs used to be able to 'help' you pay back, but have become diluted to a point you are competing with some very experienced and hungry 'neighbours'.

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I have a UM2go, UM2+ and UM3.

I use the UM3 the most now.

If I were to start a business then I would want to use the UM3, but... Not in its current state. It's just to early. Once UM release cores with different nozzle sizes, improve CURA, and firmware a bit more then it would be the best choice.

But if you got one now and learnt how it all works and slowly built your business then UM might have things up to a point where it would be good.

I agree that speed doesn't mean much, 3D printing is a slow process for a single nozzle simple print and 3 times slower for a complex dual nozzle print.

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Yes the UM2go is still the best. Mine is now a UM2go+ :D

When I need outright quality then it's my go-to machine but I have been a bit more lazy lately with how busy I have been.

The UM3 print head is a lot heavier so it's a bit slower. Most of the issues the weight imposes it compensated by the software. This means using other software other then CURA a little more difficult.

The UM3 print cores are just so much better then the UM2+ print heads.

The whole process from turning on the printer to printing an object is really slow. But it just so much easier and I can be sitting with my laptop watching TV and send a print to the UM3 and it just works.

I use the adhesion sheets and don't needs to worry about problems with the first layer or the prime getting dragged in with the print head.

Don't need to worry about different materials blocking the nozzle or cold pulls.

The only real problems are the firmware and CURA and this will be a case of continuous improvement.

The Next thing is putting Print cores on the UM2's which Arjan has already started doing.

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I'm hoping to get a few printers for different types of prints. For instance, one that's fast for simple mechanical parts, one that is accurate for making assemblies, and one that could do models. If the UM3 can do simple parts fairly quick, it would bias me towards getting it first as I have limited funds at the moment.

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The time it will take you to print a 3 Dmodel depends on two factors, the print speed that you use and the thickness of each layer (aka the resolution).

A higher print speed makes it faster but reduces the quality on most things. The thicker the layer makes it faster to print the model but reduces the quality.

If you want to go into business then you will presumably need to produce parts that have a good quality and therefore it matters not which of those two printers is the fastest, you will never use those quoted maximum speeds.

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