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I want to set up Cura with a new printer and under the Machine Settings there is a group that is labeled "Printhead Settings". 5a333bfe51fea_CuraPrintheadSettings.PNG.cd91fc1c6046f25bda486b2bd3641526.PNG. Can anyone explain to me how to actually calculate the X min, Y min, X max and Y max? I can't figure it out form the manual page.


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As I understand it, the measurements are taken from the nozzle and is the distance to the farthest point of the entire print head:

X min: measured in the negative x direction

Y min: measured in the negative Y direction

X max: measured in the positive X direction

Y max: measured in the positive Y direction

The Gantry height is the lowest point on the rails in which the extruder assembly rides to the print bed when the nozzle is at height Z=0

Hope this helps

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basically you take a ruler or caliper (like i did) and measure the 4 points specified in the tooltip that pops up when you hover over each text field.

i don't know if its included in the measurement or not but i included both the fan and bearings in my measurements.i feel better safe then sorry


this is really needed if you are using print one model at a time in experimental settings

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Basically your finding out how big is the how end.

When you pront parts "one at a time" vs "all at once"

It will  arrange the parts so they can print without the printer head hitting them on the next part.

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Now that I have an Ultimaker 3 Extended, I no longer need my old printer. Prior to selling it, I would like to configure it to work with Cura.


The bed is 200 x 200 mm, and print head 1 can reach any point on the bed. Print head 2 is 31.0 mm to the right of print head 1. Thus, print head 2 can not reach the leftmost 31 mm of the bed, so it has a smaller print area than print head 1. (Attempting to extrude with head 2 when the head is all the way to the right would extrude to the right of the print bed.) Thus, when printing with Extruder 1 only, the print area is 200 x 200. When printing with dual extruders, or with extruder 2 only, the print area is 169 x 200.


Unless I am mistaken, there does not appear any way to correctly configure this in Cura. Apparently, the best I can do is indicate that the bed is 231 x 200, which would be correct for printing with Extruder 1 only or with dual Extruders, but would not be correct when printing with Extruder 2 only.

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