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Cura 2.6 running *really* slow on mac ?

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Hi,I have found Cura to run really REALLY slow on the workstations at work. they are 16GB ram with i7 core processors so pretty decent spec.but Cura runs really slow and rinses the CPU -Screen_Shot_2017_06_28_at_15_50_50


I sometimes have 6 students trying to slice files and it is pretty much impossible when cura grinds to a hault...any tips on how to get it running better? (and yup I have already switched off auto alice)

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I am running Cura 2.7 on an iMac 4ghz i7 with 16 Gb's of memory. 330Gb available on my ssd, and running Mac OS 10.12.6. The computer runs fine with Cura running in the background. There is Chrome running, so I can type this, and Cura. When I interact directly with Cura, it's excruciatingly slow. What are the plans to address this?

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What are the plans to address this?


I would guess:

* Find out what is going on to make things slow

* Make sure that does not happen

Cura is tested on Macs, as well as on Windows and Linux daily. I'm guessing something is happening on your setup that has not happened on the Macs of the testers, or Cura would not have been released. So the first step is trying to reproduce the issue, the next step is to fix it. For bugs like this, the former is often just as hard - if not harder - than the latter.

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