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  1. For the last week, I have been having a print glitch on the same 3 areas on my design. I have tried reslicing it with different settings (variables such as - adding 1 extra parimeter wall, printing the effected areas as solid, changing the infill style from grid to gyro, and testing 0.1 and 0.15 layer height). I have also updated cura, and tried printing the the design on 4 different ultimakers (all 2+ models). the print issue persists. I have printed the design successfully before, but at a scale of 18cm rather than the 20cm it currently is, but I'm not sure why that w
  2. You are a superstar, thank you!
  3. I use a artec eva scanner for structured light scanning, and I have used both reality capture and agisoft photoscan for photogrammetry. I have tried 2 or 3 mobile scanning app's, but none of them create good enough scans for me to use them. I am keen to try out the new linar scanning app on the iphone, but I use android and havent come across anyone with the latest iphone so I can test it out. I make relatively complex artworks with 3D scanning - I also use 3D scanning to create the start of a project, which I then detail for 3D prin
  4. I run a 3D printing facility and this method wouldnt really make sense for the scale and quantity of prints id be interested in using the filament for.
  5. amazing, thanks for sharing all your reach! sent me on quite the rabbithole of looking into different materials and paints!
  6. I know it's a bit of a craze, but I would like to try out some gloss rainbow/gradient filaments, but I have been pretty much unable to find any in 2.85mm size. Has anyone else come across any, ideally availible in the UK.
  7. Hey Carla, Thanks for the speedy response. that's really usefull to know.
  8. hey @Carla_Birch did you do the conversion in order to be able to use the palette? if so i'd be really interested to see some images. I'm also currently in limbo deciding whether to get a um2+ connect, or a prusa - the only reason i'd choose prusa over the um2+ connect is the ability to use the mosiac palette since I am keen to do some more experimental printing.
  9. hey @kmanstudios - these look great! what is the name of the filament you are using? I havent managed to find any rainbow filaments at 2.85mm in the UK.
  10. @SandervG Amazing thank you, please can you change it to Evavoo.
  11. Is there a way to change my display name in the forum?
  12. I recently modelled this, and printed it on the ultimaker 2+. It prints with no support. I designed it in the software Zbrush. Currently I am working on a much larger version - I have split the design into 7 sections, and will then glue and assemble it 🙂 I have made the file availible for free download here. I do my modelling via live streaming on twitch and youtube live, the links for checking it out are here. If anyone has a go at printing the design i'd be keen to know how it turns out.
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