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UM2 with Full Graphic Smart Controller

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Posted · UM2 with Full Graphic Smart Controller

Hi Guys.

I want to use 12864 LCD Full Graphic smart controller like this:


Because open source UM2 original frame used some different display type, Someone can tell me where to find the draft file to make a UM2 frame for this display type?

It is my first 3D-printing experience.

Thank you.

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Posted · UM2 with Full Graphic Smart Controller

The files are on github. Use google to search github, ultimaker and I think "bom"?

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Posted · UM2 with Full Graphic Smart Controller

You could use @amedee firmware that allows to use that display, it also has options for um2 hotend like the 5v auto-on settings, and it can arrange the endstops a-la um2. So it would work on 2.1.4 boards like a um2, but with umo+ firmware options (that are much more wide and open than um2). Ofc you would need to use reprap mode on cura, that also imo is much better than ultigcode (and like @ahoeben pointed out) Cura can manage perfectly even if you are a new user.

@Amedee firmware builder is at


Ofc you will need to manually input (on the screen control and very easily) the PID of the um2 hotend. Also you will need to use the ... umm

@Amedee one question if you get free time

- Could you add two print areas for the builder? UMO/UM2 bed size (or editable setting by hand)

- Be able to choose if the X/Y endstops are on the highend or lowend? To mimic um2 endstops?

- Or maybe just a new profile called um2diy ?

Sorry! :D Anyhow... For the main poster, you could get the Amedee firmware, edit bed size, and x/y endstop high/low for the endstop (I think only the X changes for um2 vs umo+) and then build your own firmware with a nice and cheap screen controller.

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Posted · UM2 with Full Graphic Smart Controller


I am not sure bed size does matter. UMO+ and UM2 have AFAIK the same bed size in in the firmware. I always set the real printable area in the slicer (Which doesn't mean we can't have something in the firmware -- in particular for the Z if you have a really low Z end-stop)

X/Y end-stops makes definitely sense, we already have Z...

I'll add that to the list (together with temp sensor 'calibration') -- ETA probably not before end September...

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