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Posted (edited) · Custom supports

If you want/need custom supports, I think it is best to design them in your CAD program. Then you can design all fine details as you wish.

"Custom" supports can not be automated anyway, due to the zillion different shapes, materials, requirements and personal preferences. If Cura has to do this, then this would divert developer attention and manpower from "trying to develop the best slicer", into developing a mediocre 3D-editor + slicer bloatware. At best in Cura there could be options like "place additional supports here" and "remove supports here". But this still doesn't give any real custom features such as holes for inserting tools, special top surfaces, tree-like structures in some places but not in others, etc...

Have a look at these support features, which I use often. Here they are shown in simple test pieces, but in reality they are part of complex models and often closely surrounded by other model features.


Edit: short explanation of the support features:

- Left-center and right-center: these extensions allow to use pliers or hooks to pull out the support. There is not enough room between the model and support to insert a knife: this damages the models too much, as they are quite small and fragile, only a few mm. This would be very hard to automate.

- Bottom-left: this allows the support to be peeled off layer by layer. Sometimes useful.

- Bottom-right: the small overhang of the support gives a better first layer of the model above the support. The tree-structure allows to insert pliers.

- The ribs on top of the support allow a smaller gap between support and model, giving a better underside on the model, and make removal easier than when using a flat plate. Usually I make the ribs 0.5mm high and wide, with 1mm gaps in-between.


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Posted · Custom supports
Sometimes you just don't need as much as suggested.

Such a possibility is already there (more or less)... It's not very convenient, but it works. Search the forum for "Support Mesh" and "Anti Overhang Mesh".

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