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Torn between Ultimaker 2 Extended + or Ultimaker 3 Extended...or should I wait?

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Hi there,

I'm trying to start up a small 3D print and design business that I can run on the side from my real job as a software developer.  I have three printers in my arsenal: Robo R1+, Robo R2 and a Prusa Mk2 with a Prusa Mk3 on order.  What I don't have is a large-volume printer.  I live in a state with one of the largest fan conventions, Dragon Con.  So I think I could get a lot of business printing large props for cosplayers, etc.

I've looked at the CR-10 and the Tevo Tornado and just can't get myself to throw money at those.  My goal is to print stuff, not to tinker with my printer to death.  I'm capable of maintaining/fixing/upgrading my printers, but I don't want to spend a lot of time doing so.

It looks like right now there are only really two large format printers that are truly "prosumer" which is the Raise N2 and the Ultimaker Extended.  I've crossed the Raise 3D N2 off my list because of the weird bed leveling issues people have been having which has caused prints to be knocked over by the extruder, etc.

So now I've been window shopping the Ultimaker 2 Extended + and the Ultimaker 3 Extended.  Part of me says go with the 2, but since I don't have a dual extruder printer yet (and who knows when Robo will get their R2 upgrade finished), I figure the Ultimaker 3 would fill in that void.  I also like the auto bed leveling.  I am always remote printing/monitoring with Octoprint on all of my other printers, so the wireless option sounds nice.

But $4k.  Wow.  But I think I can justify it, since to me it seems reasonable to have a printer that I could use for final prints I use for shipping products...but is that worth it? .

Anyone have any experience on the ROI of their Ultimaker 3?  :)

Anyways, I could use some advice on what to get, or even if I should just hold off for awhile.


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Otay...mon Cherie....ROI? Nope...Extremely positive experience, you  betcha :)

I crossed off the N2Plus printers because you could not get into it and actually level it manually. When I contacted them, the response was 'you never have to.' Well, I like tech, a lot....but I also do not trust it and that raised a few red flags.

So, I went with the UM3E for the build plate size and the dual nozzle. Being open source factored in as well.

So, as a complete newbie, I have been having a ball. Getting to engineering parts that interlock and articulate, all sorts of weirdness. And, the printer has been chugging along with mostly no hiccups. Mostly I say because nothing can be perfect and humidity issues and just basic learning had something to do with it.

The Support in the US is very good and responsive and the community has helped me overcome most of my issues.

The dual nozzle has been really nice as I print strange things that can be spindly and need that PVA.

I did not buy this to get into 3D Printing as a business. I did get into it to explore things and just let the goofy flag fly and I have not been disappointed.

And, it has, for the most part, been tinker free. While I am not adverse to tinkering, I do prefer to spend my time designing and printing.

Oh, and as a final thought...with just mainly proper maintenance, it has been running for almost one year straight. Very few hours not printing.

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I have both the UM2 and UM3

My UM3 just ... works, no hassle, no tinkering, extremely easy, problems with nozzle, replace the core.

My UM2 i upgraded tot the UM2+, and after that to the mark2 version. Works really great. But a little bit more work (tinkering ;-)

If i would have to buy a machine that is reliable and easy, it would be the 3.

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