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  1. RudydG

    Tough PLA bed adhesion

    ok, will do this, probably tomorrow. Greetings!
  2. RudydG

    Tough PLA bed adhesion

    got a small piece to test? maybe i can help you with a test?
  3. RudydG

    Tough PLA bed adhesion

    Well, i don't even have to do a thing, all my pieces are virtualy lose on the plate. And i also have elephant foot, so i suppose my first layer is squished enough. Things change when i use breakaway or pva, the the parts stocks more, mostly thrue the second material. What i do is use 2 glass plates, to let the part cool down naturaly until it pops.
  4. RudydG

    Tough PLA bed adhesion

    Strange, my tough pla parts with 3Dlac are lose on the plate after cooling down. On the 3 and the 5 same behaviour. Mostly i use the default settings with the new beta version. What can be different?
  5. RudydG

    S5 dimming led's, broken, again?

    I Hope you are right. And i have to adopt my workflow, start the machine, and check the led function, and only then start the print.
  6. RudydG

    Ultimaker S5 | impressions & opinions

    Nice idea, just one remark, does the filament touch the power plug? Maybe a situation you would want to avoid. The rubbing of filament can be quit agressive.
  7. After 12hours in a 6 days print, i want to dim the frame lights. Doesn't work. slider moves, but lights stay on 100%. Come on guys, this becomes rediculous. My whole room is lit up by this printer. For a whole week? It is my main frustrationswith this machine, from the start, but until now i was able to dim to "almost" 0. The machine is on the latest firmware, and resetting at this point is not an option. What can be the reason? Do i really have to put a switch on my leds? Anyone has an electrical diagram? warranty when i "mod" this machine?
  8. RudydG

    Polymaker PC-Max on S5 layer bonding not good

    will try this! Thanks
  9. RudydG

    PVA filament

    Even the short pieces i put in my drybox. Unless it is very dry in the room (like 30%rh or less), then i just let it hang out.
  10. RudydG

    PVA filament

    PVA is a real ... when it comes to humidity. What i do, i measure the length needed, add some an cut that off the big roll PVA. Then i immediatly reseal the rest of the roll. With the S5 you have the advantage that it detects the end of rol. The drybox is ok, but the bag is better.
  11. Hey Andy, It is not easy, if you want to do it the ultimaker way (so no tinkering with code), you probably have to buy the UM3 electronics also, which will not be cost effective. (=expensive) I went the duet way, and got everything working. But it was a lot of programming and in the end, it is no UM3.... Would i do it again? No. To much effort. Better sell the UM2, and buy a UM3 (maybe second hand)
  12. RudydG

    Firmware Update Issue - S5

    Look https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/52601-update-the-firmware here, says if not finished after 10minutes, start again
  13. Power supply was the culprit, new one, and everything is working again!
  14. Yep, i did this, soldered 4 wires with a plug, to connect it with my Duet Wifi in an old Leapfrog, even copied the ultimaker 3 head to this printer, so the headchange procedure is the same.
  15. When i start a dual head job (so with 2 cores), my printer keeps resetting itself. First it heats its platform, then it starts heating core1, and after about 2 seconds it totaly resets itself, display and all the heaters out, and then a message on the screen that the print went wrong.... First i thought that it was software related, but it also happens when i do the X-Y offset calibration. What steps i already did: -Replaced the 2 cores. -Factory reset and calibrated the Z -Took the printer apart to check if there was somewhere a cable or connection problem (and cleaned everything 😉 -replaced Usb stick -print with only core 1 > ok What else could i possibly do? Is there a hard reset possible? Should i bring my printer to the dealer?

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