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  1. Nope, i didn't, even don't know where to do it.
  2. Sure this is the best option for people wo use their equipment professional, and have to deliver! But sometimes you get to confident, and try it anyway. Still, suprises me that this "bug" gets in an official release.
  3. What suprise me is that until now, there is no official reaction from Ultimaker. They just leave us with a "defect" product? Or maybe an explanation what we do wrong?
  4. in my case , minimum support area in 4.2.1 is 0.0, for both extruders. Sad...
  5. Same here, lost some prints and time because of this.
  6. This is the first time i have to go back to previous release, 4.1 works like a charm with same settings.. Problem is pva support (or some places missing off pva support, in my case on a very thin hollow piece) Anyone similar results?
  7. Maybe, in some cases, you can already achive this. In a one color one material print, you can select which extruder does what (like skin / infill and so on) Than place 2 identical rolls on the machine and you can double the possible printing time. I also use 3kg spools for some long term projects (Polymaker PLA max white and black available) Should be enough. (don't know the maximum print weight on th UM5)
  8. Ai, ik vrees voor het (dure) moederbord... Ik heb hetzelfde voorgehad.
  9. Hey Ultimaker, Cura + UM3 and S5 is a good combination, it takes away a lot of tinkering i had to do in the past. The things for me still missing, are "mechanical" profiles. Where we can have high strength and tolerances. Would be a nice addition for a lot of users i guess.
  10. I experience a problem situation. When i use Polymaker Polymax (the toughpla equivalent), the end of the filament is often quite hard attached to the reel, so it doesn't come off; the printer stops, but at that moment i already have a small "defect" in the print. At this moment i unwind the last meters of the reel manualy, and remove the end. With a full roll, when i don't forget, i try to drill a hole, just at the place where the end is attached to the reel. How do others cope?
  11. I am stil on my first, but had to clean it last week. Used about 30kgs tough pla + pva.
  12. To give you an idea, i have both. 3 is not better than S5, in terms of printing quality. Where S5 stands out is the ease of use. (bed levelling, filament sensor, and ofcourse build volume) If a buy an extra, it would be the 3.
  13. Tough pla, in fact is more flexibele, and can withstand more force before it breaks (because it flexes more like ABS) An i have several mechanical parts for more than a year in production, and they do not degrade (at least not noticable)
  14. Tough pla, a wonderfull and easy to use filament, which has the ease of printing like normal pla, and the mechaical properties like abs. only downside is lower temperature resistant. I use tough pla for transport chains, coiling equipment, and a lot more... it works so good i don't even use normal pla anymore.
  15. Can't find anything about it? What changed?
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