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  1. To give you an idea, i have both. 3 is not better than S5, in terms of printing quality. Where S5 stands out is the ease of use. (bed levelling, filament sensor, and ofcourse build volume) If a buy an extra, it would be the 3.
  2. Tough pla, in fact is more flexibele, and can withstand more force before it breaks (because it flexes more like ABS) An i have several mechanical parts for more than a year in production, and they do not degrade (at least not noticable)
  3. Tough pla, a wonderfull and easy to use filament, which has the ease of printing like normal pla, and the mechaical properties like abs. only downside is lower temperature resistant. I use tough pla for transport chains, coiling equipment, and a lot more... it works so good i don't even use normal pla anymore.
  4. Can't find anything about it? What changed?
  5. Thank you Smithy, the one on Thingiverse is quite lose indeed. Gives me some reassurance 😉
  6. 100% sure i mounted the new (and remounted the old on, which was'nt end of life) And yes, it popped open when i manualy lowered BB down.
  7. Today i almost had a nasty experience, after i changed my nozzles to AA08 and BB08. When the print started the printhead fell open, and lucky for me i checked during the printbed heatup cyclus, otherwise it would be a certain crash!! I experimented with all my print cores (i have 8 pieces, but only 1 BB08), and it seems that only the BB08 makes this happen. When lowering the nozzle, It pushes against the silicone piece (which i also changed) Core seems to be ok, can't see anything wrong with it. At the moment i take no chance, and put a elastic around the printhead, to prevent it from opening during printing, and creating a major problem. Not an elegant solution, but i already saw someone else do this. Anybody any tips? Found this: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3319232/comments Seems to be the safe solution at this moment? Hello Ultimaker?
  8. To get the highest detail, AA 0.25 is the best solution i guess.. But what about PVA support? second AA 0.25 core? Clogging? or BB0.40?
  9. Thank you people, just as i thought, S5 with Cura is the ideal no-nonsense combination. S3D is a very nice program, and i probably would use it over Cura with every non dedicated combination like ultimaker offers.
  10. Hello, can you tell me your experience with the S5 + S3D? I was a fan of S3D, in the tinkering time, now i am all into the automatic workflow of Cura, but is miss some features, the speed and the interface of S3D. I just downloaded the latest verzion, but already, i see that by default the mix up the extruders (left PVA + right PLA), not like it is standard used on the S5. Many thanks, for your input 😉
  11. Until today, still nothing received. 😞
  12. I measure the diameter, and the number of rings, multiply by 3.14, and then i have an indication of the length left on the roll.
  13. Nice, i am in in interested, if, and only if, the total concept of the UM5 stays intact, the automatic bed levelling with the glass plate is so perfect, that i can not mis this anymore. My UM3 feels like a old machine without this feature.
  14. Good idea!! will try this also. (only the interface support with PVA i mean) Anyway, i now use PVA a lot, but i am very carefull with it, i use a drybox (Polymaker), and cut the needed length for the print, the rest goes back in a drybox or sealed bag with silicagel. Blobs and little pieces are a fact of life with PVA. In the past is used the breakaway a lot (still use it sometimes), but for delicate pieces it is not so suitable. And it is a mess to remove also.
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