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Hits on the Left corner ( Video Explication Inside )


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Posted (edited) · Hits on the Left corner ( Video Explication Inside )

Hi guys,

Im having an issue with my new Ultimaker 2+ . Its happens when I start a new printing, and when the print is already finished. It seems like the printer does not recognize the home position, and it hits on the left cornet, making a horrible sound.

I have recorded 2 videos to show this strange behavior of the printer:



Can you please help me to fix it? Thanks in advance!

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    Posted · Hits on the Left corner ( Video Explication Inside )

    The horrible sound is indeed an unpleasant sound but it will not damage your printer.

    The problem is with your Y axis. It's somehow not hitting the limit switch. There are many possibilities. The most likely is that the thin rod that goes through the print head left to right is not sticking far enough out to the left to hit the limit switch. The limit switch is on the left wall of the printer. Try to find it visually. push the head to the back of the printer and you should hear a quiet "click" if it is working (except that it is not).

    There are a few other possibilities - the switch could have a broken wire. The wire could be pinched under the left rear stepper cover - the white piece of metal. Or it even may have fallen out of the PCB. But most likely the limit switch is not being hit. You might even have to bend the switch a mm or so. Let us know what you find out.

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    Posted · Hits on the Left corner ( Video Explication Inside )

    Hi gr5!

    Thanks so much for your reply.

    I have checked everything:

    - I heard the "click" so the switch is right placed and is being hitted when returning home point.

    - I checked the motherboard, and the cable is right connected.

    - I have pressed the switch when homing (printer does not stop)

    So, with this information, I think there must be some electrical failure :(

    What am I supposed to do?

    Thanks so much!

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    Posted · Hits on the Left corner ( Video Explication Inside )

    Do you have a multimeter? Are you good with circuits or do you have a friend who is? I would disconnect the wires from the board underneath the printer and connect them to a multimeter and then push the switch by hand. It should be open normally and shorted/closed when you push/click the switch.

    The failure could be the switch itself but most likely the connection under the insulation at the switch. After making sure it's broken with the first test I would unscrew the switch and then remove the insulation over the contacts and test the switch at the contacts. If it fails there then it's the switch (this is unliekly). If it works there then it's the wires - replace both wires. If it works all the way to the circuit board then reconnect the wires one more time and make sure it's still broken (home one more time). If it still fails then it's the PCB. Very unlikely but possible.

    Once you know what's broken you can get a new one.

    Alternatively you could send the whole printer back to your reseller. I don't recommend this as this is a longer/slower solution.

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    Posted · Hits on the Left corner ( Video Explication Inside )

    Va a ser que el endstop se ha estropeado. Hace click pero falla. UM pone ese endstop muy cerca de la polea y roza. Yo contactaría a tr3sdland que son súper rápidos y muy majos. Recuerda que en españa en teoría tienes dos años de garantía, salvo que los endstop sean consumibles XD

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