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Cura seriously needs a more visible Z seam

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I manage a print farm and slice a lot of prints everyday, and the time it takes to really see where the z seam is on each print is a waste of time, plus the fact that you cant see it unless you're really looking for it also makes me forget to even check where it is sometimes. there should be a big visible line showing where the z seam is when you are in sliced view. This is such a hassle for us.

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Just to be devel's advocate:

There are people who would think that it is a true representation and not a 'notification'. I have seen threads where people think that what the layers view shows exactly how it will print; with thick noodle like lines vs. how it really is printed.

Something to ponder would be a checkbox that would show it in a color or something.

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I add one on top: If that line representing the z seam could be moved around and would affect the location settings for the z seam, it would make life even easier for the user.


do you mean have a physical little thing that you can drag around the buildplate, and where ever it is, it tries to put the z seam there? I love that idea!

although still making the z seam more visible is a necessity

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