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Unable to pause/abort USB print via Cura

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Cura and Ultimaker 3E are connected via Wifi.

Is it correct that I can only pause/abort a print that has been started as a "Print via Network"?

When starting a print via USB directly on the printer, the pause and abort buttons are still enabled in Cura but nothing happens when I try to pause or abort the print. Video feed and temperature seems to be ok.

If this is intentionally its very misleading. The buttons should be disabled.

(Cura Version 3.04, Firmware Version

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Hi @Macio,

If I understand it correctly, you start a print via USB and then when you monitor your print via Cura you want to pause it on your computer?

No, afaik that is not possible indeed. But I can imagine it would be desirable. I'll share this idea with our developers and perhaps it can be included in a future Cura. I don't think it is technically impossible, it is probably a feature which has not been build yet.

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Yes this is a bit awkward, we realize.

The short answer is there is no workaround, except for going to the printer :(

From a technical standpoint the USB job does not exist inside Connect (this is because connect is a add on to the original firmware, etc) and you are aborting a job object not a printer, so it is not the printer that has an abort/pause.

This seems like a mistake in hindsight, we will have to either make sure all jobs are always in Connect or allow a pause/abort on the printer level iso the job, so that the buttons always work.

I'll check if this is on our list of things to fix, if not I'll add it because this behavior does indeed suck.

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