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Printing with Polysmooth?

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just set the temperature a bit lower (for example the transparent one prints nicely at 190°c)

Got the Polysher and going to try PolySmooth on UM3, but I am just curious about the temp experience. Polymaker noted that the proper printing temp is 210 to 230 °C. ;) Will try 210 °C for the start.

PS: PolySmooth is based on PVB (polyvinyl butyral), so it's not a PLA. But will use PLA profile as a platform too.

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I've been using PLA as the base profile and printing at 210 celsius with a layer height of 0.15mm. At the very least I can confirm Ultimaker's PVA is compatible with PolySmooth.

Unfortunately I've run into the following issues while printing 3DBenchy:

  • As it prints there's been a number of pops. Normally this signals a water absorption problem but the filament is fresh out of package and the ambient humidity is 35%
  • Under extrusion has also been an issue with tiny little holes in the outer wall. I'm attempting to solve this by printing slower than 70mm/s

Any ideas?

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Apologies for the long delay in responding. Indeed, running the filanent in a dehumidifier at 54 Celsius for several hours solved the problem. Additionally, once dry it's fine to print at the recommended temperature of 220-225 Celsius.

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