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Ultimaker Original - Top face not filling in correctly

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On 19/12/2017 at 1:53 PM, gr5 said:

Is this Cura 3.X?  I recommend you go back to an older version of Cura - certainly 2.7 is safe.  There is much discussion of this here:



 Hi gr5. unfortunately, I'm still getting the same result. I've changed the settings and the design but have had no improvement. Any other ideas?

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Not even slight improvement?


Well I see underextrusion on the top layer before it prints the name.  I would try to fix that by printing a bit slower and maybe a bit hotter.  Try 10C hotter and at 70% speed.


Actually I would make some smaller test piece that does this - maybe print just the R.  And play with stuff in the TUNE menu.  Actually it looks like you have some pillowing which is fixed by more fan (you want 100% fan for PLA) and more "top layers".  At least 1mm top/bottom thickness.  It takes quite a few layers for things to recover over infill.  More on pillowing here:



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