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Pla flex in ultimaker 2

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Hi I do not think your statement is 100% accurate. My understanding is that this applies to all Bowden tube printers, you really need a direct drive printer for this. But people on this forum have succeeded with flexible filament. I tried Colorfabb's nGenflex a year or so back; it was not too difficult to get it feeding through the Bowden tube drive system OK but I failed to get a decent surface finish and gave up.

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In the beginning, Ultimaker even sold a flex PLA. I tried a number of Flex PLAs over time with more or less success. The more flexible the PLA is, the worst the results. NinjaFlex and similar do not work at all, but the less flexible ones can be used.

You have to tune the parameters though. I use extremely slow print speeds -  10mm/s usually - and no retractions if possible. It also helped me to lubricate the bowden tube with a little dash of WD-40.

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I changed my feeders into Bondtech and with these it works much better, I get decent results with Ninjaflex. They have much better grip than the original feeders.

Speed must be less than 10mm/s, though, I print first layer, top and outside with 4 and the rest with 8.

Still works with more, but with frequent brief periods of underextrusion, smothering object becomes a bit spongy / porose.


Attached a photo of rubber feet I printed, diameter about 2cm.

And damper feet for the printer.






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I am printing PLAflex (by rigid.ink) with the help of Bondtechs new DDG just fine, even at "moderate" speeds. I just print a set of wheels for a 3DLabprint RC plane at 50mm/s. (Using an UM2+). Didn't get around to try some of the even softer materials yet, but so far this is a big improvement over the stock feeder. I am quite happy with these results.



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