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Cura 3.XXXX vesrion UI problems...Bug

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Posted · Cura 3.XXXX vesrion UI problems...Bug

Hi ... any idea how to solve? or is this a bug...

Since Cura version 3.xx came out i have trouble with it's interface...its sluggish, slow and buttons are not clickable... i'm running a laptop with windows 7 x64 with latest updates and servicepacks, onboard 16Gb Ram  SSD, and Quadro video card (latest driver).... so i my opinion it meets the minimal hardware standards...

UI Problems encountered and things that work: 
Previewing a solid obeject on printer bed, rotate around it, zooming in no problemo
Slicing and Gcode generation and resulting prints. No problemo
Layer view-.... no acces to UI
In cases i found a positoin where the slider seems to coincide with the poition of my mouse the layer preview is sluggisch... In general, User interfaces control features, buttons, slides, are not direct aproachable... they show up but i cant click/selct them... i have to click about 5 to 10mm below a button to select it.... and this doesn't realy work pleasant..

I work i a 1920x1080 screen resolution...No windows scaling...if i use windows scaling to eg 125% the problem becomes worse

Is this fixable?


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Posted · Cura 3.XXXX vesrion UI problems...Bug

that is the same for me, all drivers are up to date ... can not use cura so that's no fun .... all programs run smoothly only cura 3 makes problems .... I've given up the time is too bad for me, currently I use s3d .... I have also made all the tricks described but it remains so slow ....

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