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Bought new board, doesnt work, need help.

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Posted · Bought new board, doesnt work, need help.

I bought a replacement board from aliexpress instead of going through fbrc8 or something similar because why would I pay $350 for a board when its $100 on the other site.... 

Well I found out there might be a good reason for why to just buy through the partner company(s).


I plugged the new board in and it turned on but looked just like the photo below. (The pic below is from an ebay listing; its not mine)


So my question is this: A. Is it possible to still make this new board work? because when I plugged in to my computer, the computer didnt moving all of its steppers to the same frequency of the flashing LEDs. I assume it was due to the error code it was throwing. OR  B. Do I need to just suck it up and spend the money to get the new board from a partner company?


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Posted · Bought new board, doesnt work, need help.

You mean just like the photo with the max temp or the graphics style? If it's max temp, is the pt100 not plugged right probably OR most important, you don't have the pins that allow the system to work like this, check the black 2 pins on safety 1 and safety 2


And about the graphics style (you really need to be more specific about the issues you have XD ) you should just upload the latest firmware.


And about buying clones, they can give issues, but I had 2 originals and 2 clones, and the clones did work perfectly for a year+ so...

Captura de pantalla 2018-01-25 a las 23.42.53.png

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Posted · Bought new board, doesnt work, need help.

I meant to say if you look at my LCD when it boots up, its EXACTLY like the picture. Graphics style, layout, and what it says. I checked every connection you pointed out and they were all fine.


Also, my stupid original post got messed up too and the last few lines dont make sense.

When I turned the machine on it did all that crazy stuff with the lights and steppers. When I plug it into my computer, the computer wont even see it so I can't update any firmware. 


Long story short, I dont want to invest too much time in figuring this out because my work is paying for it and fixing this is gonna be on company time. I just wanted to save a few bucks if I could.


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