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Cannot Run Cura on Windows 10 Pro - ALL VERSIONS OF CURA

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Application Version

15.04.6 / 2.x / 3.x



Windows 10 Pro / Version 1709 / OS Build 16299.192



All from Ultimaker Site


Display Driver

Intel Corporation


Steps to Reproduce

Install, Run (CRASH)


Actual Results

15.04.6 - "pythonw.exe has stopped working" (dialog, self-exit)
2.x / 3.x - crash and self-exit after splash screen without any message



Additional Information

I've tried compatibility modes. Tried giving admin privileges to Cura, python, pythonw, etc.


Running on a Intel Core i7-7700HQ CPU @ 2.80GHz / 32.0 GB RAM / 64-Bit OS


The exact same version of 15.04.6 runs fine on my older Windows 7 laptop, I've seen numerous complaints from Windows 10 users that go unanswered or get "it works on my machine" responses. I expect more. This computer runs SolidWorks 2017, Inventor Pro 2017, AutoCAD 2017 all with no issues. So why on earth can't I run any versions of Cura? I see new features coming out. But I don't see anyone resolving this on-going nightmare that seems to affect a percentage of users.

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I am running on a laptop, only 8GB Ram installed (funny, I thought it was 12) with the save OS version.  

I have intel graphics but an older ( 2016 Driver)

You have 32GB of Ram.  I have seen where there are software issues when programs cross  2x level of memory, what I mean is crossing 16 gb, 32, 64 etc.  It introduces another address bit that need to be accounted for.


So, just as an experiment, perhaps you could remove some of your RAM, and see if CURA still crashes.  


Just a thought..............  Good Luck

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Hi, I have 4 banks of which 2 are filled with 8 GB memory modules, maybe I also qualify for these kind of software/hardware issues. I have no urge to pull modules, I'd rather wait for a new working version or stay on an older one for now. This should be something the devs could try on the test machines. Version 3.2 looks promising with nice features, I'd love to try those.

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