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A short review of Cura 13.06

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# Good

• Slicing is considerably faster, torture tests that took 1m20s and 4m50s now take 2s (you have to use a stopwatch because it won't tell you)

• Smaller details are recognized (but not all compared to Makerware)

• You can position the objects on the bed

• You can place several objects on the bed and edit them independently (as in Makerware)

• You can choose to have those objects printed one by one or all together

# Bad

• The virtual UM bed has disappeared, it's not as easy to recognize the axis

• Support settings (in basic tab) are greyed out

• Many settings have been removed:

- Retraction min travel and Extra length on start (this does create stringing and

deposit on small details)

- Skin (said to come back in later version)

- Extra wall thickness for bot/top

- min feedrate

- Support distance from object

- Infill pattern (rectangular grid replaces everything)

- bridge speed

- print order sequence

- Joris

- Retract on jumps only

- Enable hop on move

(Skirt was moved from advanced to expert)

• The new pathway makes critical mistakes: floors extruded in mid air (sure fail), floors supported by bridges instead of being the bridges (if bridge fails floor fails), entire walls are missing

missing wall

small details: new and missing

floor extruded in mid air, floor using bridge as support


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Agree with most of Corngolem crits.

The Supershaper is very cool feature... not very necessary.

What i realy realy dont like is the missing Prepare button...

i mean, What the hell?!? why?

Now everytime i load a stl, Cura will automatically start slicing without giving me any time to scale or rotate.

Thats clearly wrong...

The good thing:

The option to safe the rotation/scale/mirror changes made in Cura back into .stls

Thanks, i needed this.

Problems came with my birdhouse..

After loading everything went grey.. no automated slicing started to happen. Strange.

I just cant scale to a size where i am back to seeing the blue ultimaker build plattform.

Very often all buttons disappear, only the Load button stays..


And later testing this happened:

some of my Stls seem to have some sort of gathering.



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What did you like about the skin option? As implemented in the old version of Cura, it just printed the same perimeter twice each time.


( I ) liked the fact that it printed an object at a certain visible resolution much faster than if the whole object used the corresponding layer height. For my usage more speed means less machines. Unless Skin is plain broken in the new version there was no reason to remove it (it worked well enough).


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The virtual UM bed has disappeared, it's not as easy to recognize the axis


This is true of every new version of Cura. To get it back you have to run the first time wizard but it's okay to skip anything that would require connecting to the printer. I believe you only have to answer 2 questions, then you can skip the rest and it will show the Ultimaker platform once again.


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