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Freeze on nozzle purge

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Hi all,


Anyone have any idea why my UM3+ freezes on the initial blob purge in the front left corner?  It happens after every time I fire up the printer to use after it has not been used in a day or so.  I have no choice to but to turn the printer off manually and move the bed down to get the blob cleared...otherwise, it will just keep dispensing filament until it totally ruins the print head.  It has already almost nearly destroyed the silicone that protects the two nozzles.

Otherwise, the printer is working great.


Thanks for the advice.

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wow, that seriously sounds horrible!


Can you provide logs? and the first 100 lines of gcode or so (or the whole gcode)

Edit: logs can be dumped to a usb stick using the "SYSTEM->Maintenance->Diagnostics->Dump logs to USB" menu option.

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Hi robinmdh,

I would be happy to.  I will export when I get home.


As for the print job, it's any standard gcode that comes from my slicer (Cura 3.2.1 this time).  What's interesting is that, after the reboot - sending the exact same job - it works perfectly.  This has happened with multiple versions of Cura, going back a few versions now.  I am just tired of not trusting it when I start it for the first time after a day off or so.

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