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Cura 3.2.1 Pause at height plugin doesn't work for me

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I'm trying to use the GCode post processing plugin "Pause at height" and either I'm too stupid to figure it out or it isn't working. I have a 25mm tall test print and I select "Pause at height" which opens with 5.0mm as the default height. I close that window and select Save to file and open the GCode file in a text editor. I see at the top ";POSTPROCESSED" but when I look at the ;LAYER before Z5, at Z5, and after Z5 there are no GCode commands added to the file.


If I perform the same experiment with "Tweak at Z", it works as expected and there are GCode commands added to the file (to change the selected parameter).


Am I doing something wrong? If so, what? If it works for you, please let me know what steps you took.

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The problem with the PauseAtHeight.py distributed with Ultimaker Cura is that it is off by a few layers from where you expect it to be. I've attached a modified version that corrects that problem and adds a choice between height (in mm) or layer number.


You will have to rename the file to remove the .log extension as that was the only way I could get it to upload here. 

(moderator: feel free to rename the file as you approve this post).


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Hi everyone

I have tried this plugin but what happens is:

1) the printer stops and parks well at the specified point

2) you can resume using the menu easily

3) the printer goes perfectly to the next point to restart and starts to move

4) but with no extrusion, so prints nothing



I have tried with and without temperatures for standby and resume, but the results are the same: no extrusion after restart but follows the right movements.


Any idea?


Using an Ultimaker 3 Extended with Cura 3.3.1


Thanks in davance


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One more info:


Seems that after M0 command the UM3 retracts some amount of filament. After resume printing UM3 feed some amount of filament but not enough, is clearly less than the one retracted. So after some time the UM3 continues printing but, unfortunately, is not OK.


Anybody knows how to solve it?

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@Cosomo When you say "tried this plugin" did you mean the one I posted?


This post processing script (its really not a plugin by Ultimaker's definition) has an "Extrude Amount" which, according to its tooltip, is supposed to be used to compensate for the retraction caused by the M0 command. I have no idea what value to use as I don't have an Ultimaker printer 😉 but you can start large and work your way down to the correct amount (at the expense of some wasted filament).

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