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Build plate cools down when print starts on Ultimaker 2+

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Hi. I have problems with buildplate heating. It preheats well (I tried all range of temperatures from 60 to 115 C). It also keeps temperature well when it's raised. And it keeps temperature when extruder is hot. But after print begins buildplate temperature decreases to ambient temperature and corners begin to warp. When I put the print on pause buildplate temperature increases to working temperature again until I press resume.

I use Cura 3.2.1 but I don't think it's slicer problem. I unplugged heating contacts from buildplate and mainboard, cleaned everything with alcohol but it hasn't helped. Did anybody face such problem? Any advices?


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Are you using tinkermarlin?  It has a power budget feature which may be turning off your build plate.


More likely you have a loose wire such that when the bed is down it's fine and when the bed is up the heater isn't making contact.  You can test this by sliding the bed up and down manually.


Usually, the problem is right where the 2 larger wires connect to the heated bed.  Either you need to loosen the screws, stick the wires in again and retighten or slightly more likely - you need to reflow the solder that connects the terminals to the heated bed.  Are you an electrical engineer or do you have a friend who is one?  You could potentially ask your reseller for another heated bed if retightening the screws that hold the heater wires in doesn't help.

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