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Polyalchemy Elixir PLA

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I wanted to show off some of the nice prints I am getting with this stuff!   Polyalchemy Elixir is impressive!


I'm using the stock PLA settings in Cura, the only change I am making is once the first layer is down, lowering the temperature to 205C, which seems to be the "sweet spot" for this filament.


It's a little unsettling when your nozzle first starts to extrude this material.  When I loaded the filament, not much came out.  It was like a "worm" (or the kids might prefer the "booger" term).  I removed it, did an Atomic Pull on my Ultimaker 2+ just to make sure I didn't have a partial clog.  All three pulls came up clean!  I re-loaded it and loaded up a print.  


Once the extruder starter to prime the nozzle, I used to tweezers to "pull" the plastic out some.  It doesn't leave that spaghetti pile I am used to with normal PLA filament.


However when you see those layers going down, you know it's extruding just fine.


I've been printing at 0.15 layer height and you hardly see the print lines.


The color here is "Purple Rain" and it's very shiny....a bit hard to photograph!



cat stretch.jpg


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Is this material particle-filled? It looks a bit like the shiny "mica" colours in some car paints, which use mica plastic particles. Maybe you can see it, if you look at the models through a microscope, or if you take a high-res photo through a good macro lens?


I did a quick google, but I didn't find much about the composition, except that it was "a blend of PLA and other polymers", which doesn't say much...


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9 hours ago, bob-hepple said:

Le Paul 

just got some of this Gold Rush Cant seem to get a decent print its leaving blobs at the start of a layer even in vase mode ?? any thoughts




I used Simplify3D and used 215 for the first layer then 210 for the rest.  

I didn't have any blobbing issues you mention.  I bought 2.85 and 1.75 versions and for the latter, used it on my CR-10S using the same temp.


That first priming if the nozzle is so weird, as I mention in the video


I can't recall if I used Cura or not for any of the prints.  My Ultimaker 2+ is down right now, I keep grinding up filament in the feeder....I think my TFT has finally gone bad on me so I have to replace that.


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Hears the prints I have done with Gold Rush I wanted to use this to resemble polished brass for a model im printing the Results are terrible A Band had tobe adjusted so the the blobs could be hidden by a screw the others were don with variable setting I also printed hotter 215 to 210 which effected the over hang but I had no choice I cut down the flow which helped but no great improvements,, its worth noting the dual colour print worked fine but the was a flat and quiet small 

so to re cap 

this was done on dual colour printer



this was done on Ultimaker note the scaring around the hole if I rotate the band on the bed then scaring is still there just more visible


variable prints all bad all done at different temps and different extrusion rates



last picture shows the last print last night

temp 215 down to 210

14500 mm/min

ext multiplier 89

coast to end .20 chimney.thumb.jpg.3e3dee66f09b1b017d932299d9d97e49.jpg


The filament is new purchased 4 weeks ago opened 4 days ago,, I was thinking if it needs drying but I thought that was if you got excessive stringing,, its weird stuff does not extrude out of the nozzle in a flow rate / congeals around the nozzle and comes out like  worm crawling bulges then drops out, 215 seems to make it flow better but not much,, the Dual colour print was done at 205 


going to print the above pic on Prusa mk3 in normal pla just to satisfy my curiosity,, any hints and suggestions gladly received except throwing the filament which I have come close to.... 

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I did a test print in Cura now you have to remember I haven't used cura in years not even looked at it 







the first one on the btm was done in cura same layer height 0.20 says one thing to me S3D need updating looking into the settings in cura it showed me how far its come, daunting though to learn a new slicer couldn't work out how to turn my Mark 2 second head off though...….

Cura vs S3d.jpg

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Doing my first test prints on the UM3E and so far, so good. The settings are basic PLA settings and seem to be working well. Will know more this afternoon. But I am happy enough I just ordered more for a variety of shades.

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