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Flow Rate cura 3.3.1 UM2 hidden

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i'm calibrating my UM2+ext and I'dd like to acces the flow rate in Cura, but it's simply not here, when I check in the options I have put in my taskbar, there is a "!" next to flow and  it says : "This setting has been hidden by the value of the G-Code Flavour. Change the value of that setting to make it visible."


I don't have this problem chen I change Gcode flavour to marlin or when I use another printer ! it has to do with theUltimaker2 Gcode Flavour, but why ? makes no sens to not access the flow ( or extrusion multiplier, call it has you wish 🙂 ) 


Anybody has a clue on what's going on ? 


Merci Beaucoup 😄 

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The original idea with the UM2 family was to slice once and be able to print with different materials from that one sliced file. This means that all material-specific settings are controlled on the printer instead of in Cura.


Nowadays the consensus is that this was an interesting idea, but it doesn’t really work because different materials can require dramatically different settings (including eg different adhesion, support and infill settings) that could not be changed easily on the printer.

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If you change the gcode flavor (in Machine Settings), you have full control over all material parameters in Cura, including flow. But with power comes responsibility to make sure these parameters are correct for the material you want to slice for.

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