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Cura development releases for Linux, OS X & Windows now available

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Hi, if you are using Linux and feeling like trying the cutting edge of Cura development then head over to https://www.dropbox.com/sh/s43vqzmi4d2bqe2/AAADdYdSu9iwcKa0Knqgurm4a?dl=0

where you will find copies of my current Cura installation. They are based on the Cura master branches + my own additions and tweaks and will contain all known bug fixes that have been merged to master. These are not AppImages but an archive of an installation built on a Ubuntu 16.04.4 system, just unpack and then execute cura/bin/cura.sh. Supplied with absolutely no warranty, YMMV.

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Here's the contents of the  README.md that goes with the releases:


## Cura development releases (Linux only)

These are built on a Ubuntu 16.04.4 system from the current Cura master branches + my own additions/tweaks.

Use tar xjf cura-mb-master-DDMMYYYY.tar.bz2 to unpack into a directory called cura.

Once unpacked, run `cura/bin/cura.sh` to start the application.

**All are supplied with no warranty, YMMV.**

## What's different from the regular master branch?

### Stuff that could be merged into the standard release in the future

1. Mininum Wall Flow + Prefer Retract settings let you specify the minimum flow rate for a wall,
if a wall has a smaller flow rate (i.e. is thinner), it is replaced with a travel move and, optionally, may use retraction.

2. Fan Speed Override + Supported Skin Fan Speed settings let you specify a fan speed to be used for the skin areas that are above support.

3. Small Hole Max Size + Small Feature Max Length + Small Feature Speed + First Layer Speed settings let you print small feature outlines slower.

4. Misc tweaks+bugfixes not yet merged into the CuraEngine master branch.

### Stuff that won't be merged into the standard release because it has been rejected by the Cura devs

1. Initial Layer Wall Speed/Acceleration/Jerk lets you specify those values for the walls on the initial layer.

2. Initial Fan Speed At Height/Layer lets you specify the layer at which the initial fan speed comes into effect. Below that layer, the fans are off.



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Exciting developments for infill aficionados, my development builds are now featuring gyroid infill. This infill pattern not only looks very cool (and, let's be honest, that's really why people want it!) but it also features uniform strength in all directions, is reasonably quick to print and doesn't shake your printer to bits whilst being printed. All in all, a welcome addition.


So if you are able to run one of my development releases, please try it out. All feedback is welcome (please start a different thread for that).





My development build also has some useful improvements to the spiralize mode as it now tapers the spiral top and bottom and also makes a better job of models that have flat faces (rather than continuous curves).


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I can now produce Linux AppImage files so my future development releases will be using that format rather than archives as that makes the files a lot smaller.


I am still working on creating OS X releases but haven't successfully managed to build and package a working OS X release yet. I'll keep trying!

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If you are an OS X user and are feeling adventurous, OS X versions of my development releases are now available from the same location. Please note that these have not been tested other than they actually start up OK on my development machine so there could be problems that I am not aware of. All feedback is welcome. Please note that all of the development releases are supplied with no warranty, use at your own risk.

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Hello again.


I have now managed to create a Windows version of my development version of Cura. It can be found in the location mentioned above. It's very new and hasn't been tested other than I installed it, and Cura started up and sliced a model.


It identifies itself as "master" and should not wreck any existing installations but, of course, it comes with no warranty so please take care to back up anything valuable first if you want to give it a go.


And, yes, it includes the gyroid infill and various other gems that didn't make it into 3.5.


All feedback is most welcome.

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