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Printing Woodfill materials on the Ultimaker 3

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Hello everyone.

I would like to print Woodfill filaments with my Ultimaker 3.

-- Has any of you done that?

-- Did you use an original Ultimaker print-core or a 3D Solex one?

-- What filaments have you used and which one would you recommend?

and finally

-- Why Ultimaker doesn't have steel nozzles printcores for the ultimaker 3 (to use with abrasive materials)?

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3dsolex sells a ruby nozzle for UM3.  Look for "hardcore" which is their version of the UM core and "everlast" which means ruby.  These nozzles can print 20 spools of CF filament with no wear.


Woodfill should be fine with just an ordinary brass nozzle but each manufacturer is different and the size of the wood particles is different so look at what they recommend as the minimum nozzle size.  3dsolex also sells a 0.6mm core.  The nice thing about the 3dsolex cores is you can just buy one core and change nozzles.


disclaimer - I am the distributor for 3dsolex products in USA so I am a bit biased.

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@Fulv I'd use the BB core for woodfill if you use the Ultimaker cores, that will cause a bit more oozing but less chance for plugs when printing with 0.4mm cores that is, I'm not sure if this matters for larger diameter cores.

the BB core geometry vs AA core can be sumarised as:

\ \_  _/ /
 \__| |_/

\ \   / /
 \_| |_/

Not having the flat bit helps pushing the bits of wood through.


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