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  1. Hello there, I hope you can help me here. I need to print with Ultimaker PC filament with my Ultimaker 3 printer and I am getting an error message because the build plate is taking to long to reach the correct temperature that in this case is 107 degrees. I am using the advance printing kit with the front plastic cover and the room where the printer is is more than 20 degrees. Any tips and advises? Thank you in advance. Kind regards Fulvio
  2. Hi Thank you for your reply. I have changed my model in SolidWorks so that all the bodies are now connected. maybe you can do the same with your model. There is a bit of more cad work to do but it seams to work for me. See file attached. Let me know what you think. STEVE BIRTHDAY.zip
  3. I am having the same exact problem. I use SolidWorks and I have an assembly with multiple parts positioned correctly in the CAD but when I import the files into cura the parts when combine are in a different place. Did you manage to find a solution? Please help 🙂
  4. Hello everyone, is there an option in CURA where simply the Z hopping is ONLY happening when the nozzle is moving from one part to another? I am printing 10 parts at the same time, they are all the same shape and size See picture attached. If there is such an option, could you please reply with the exact settings? Thank you in advance :)
  5. Thank you all for sending your comments :) I have successfully printed one at the time and also 3 at the time without any problems so far. I am now going to try to print 4 but I am adding a z hopping of 2mm (with combine off). if this works, I feel confident that I can print 10 parts at the time. I am using the ultimaker advance kit which consists of the front cover and the ultimaker adhesive sheet. Any comments, tips or advise are very welcome :) I have attached the CURA project to this post for your reference. UM3_000168---LC 12 RETAINING RING REMOVAL TOOL-
  6. Hello everyone, I need to print 10 small parts on the same build plate and before I start printing them I would like to know if any of you has any tips to give me especially about the setting for the Z hopping. I am using an Ultimaker 3 printer Material is the Ultimaker PC in white The picture of the product is attached. I am looking forward to hearing from you guys :) Thank you in advance. Fulvio
  7. Hello Everyone, has any of you done any wire-frame printing with Cura on an Ultimaker 3? Any tips and advises? Thanks Fulvio :)
  8. Hello everyone :) I would like to test Rigid Ink PETG filament and I was wondering if any of you have a Cura Material profile that I could import. I will be using an Ultimaker 3. Thank you for your help in advance. Have a great day everyone :) Fulvio
  9. Thank you good advise :) i was thinking to print with a 0.8 nozzle size.
  10. Thank you for your reply. I do like the original Ultimaker print-core though. How long do you think a 0.8mm brass nozzle would last with a typical 40% woodfill from Form Futura?
  11. Hello everyone. I would like to print Woodfill filaments with my Ultimaker 3. -- Has any of you done that? -- Did you use an original Ultimaker print-core or a 3D Solex one? -- What filaments have you used and which one would you recommend? and finally -- Why Ultimaker doesn't have steel nozzles printcores for the ultimaker 3 (to use with abrasive materials)?
  12. This is the data-sheet I got from AprintaPro. aprintapro_pm_pure_datasheet.pdf
  13. I have sent a message to the material manufacturer requesting a full datasheet.
  14. Thank you for your reply. I don't think it is an ice nozzle, it came with the set of 4 nozzles when you buy the 3d solex print core. (see picture attached). I don' t know if you remember but I did have allot of problems with my first 3d solex print-core. There was something wrong with it in more than one way. When I have contacted 3d solex and explain the problems I was having, Carl told me straight away that he was going to send me a new Print-core and to keep the old one. On top of that he sent me a free Sapphire 0.5mm nozzle. Even that one sticks with this ma
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