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Ultimaker s5 filament not adhering

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Posted · Ultimaker s5 filament not adhering

Hello. I would like some help troubleshooting some printing issues I have recently been having. My hospital got a 3D printer several months ago and we have been successful with our prints and making complex models with tough PLA and PVA support (I also attached a previous successful model printed with same settings). 


Recently, my models are not adhering to the print bed to itself. I have tried with PLA supports and PVA supports. I have unloaded and reloaded the filaments as well. I also reset the print settings to default. I have tried all different recommended settings with no help. My printer continues to print strings that are not adhering to anything. Sometimes it starts to adhere to bed and then fails or will not adhere to plate at all. 


The only causes I can think of are the following: 

  • Filament hydration? I am in New Mexico, an arid climate but do not store the filaments in a desiccator. Perhaps this is the issue?
  • Settings not correct? Print speed too fast? We recently tried ninjaflex 3.0 mm and did not have any success with this. We attributed this to the size of 3.0mm. 
  • Print head clogged? The print heads seem to be extruding fine... Should I be doing regular cleaning?

print failure.jpg

Rib model with tPLA and PVA support.jpg

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Posted · Ultimaker s5 filament not adhering

Do you use any adhesion on the glass like glue stick or something else? I apply always a thin layer of glue or Magigoo to the glass, just to be on the safe side. 


Do you clean your glass with alcohol or similar product? 


Normally I would say that the distance nozzle - bed to too big, but on the S5 this should not happen. 

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