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Walls are not comforming


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Posted · Walls are not comforming

I received my Ender 3 Pro and followed directions to a tee, then tried the dog model and it came out horribly. 3 days later I've been tinkering with the machine doing these items;


Leveling bed

Tightening belts

Checking PSU, Fan, Extruder


After this my prints improved by 20%, now comes the cura settings. I just can't seem to find the right balance as I went as far as to precise printing of small parts at .04.


Current Settings; (Cura Profile Attached) 4.5.1



Layer Height: .12mm

Initial Layer Height: .12mm

Line Width: .4mm

Initial Layer Line Width: 100%



Wall Thickness: 2 (Tried Lowering and Raising)

Wall Line Count: 5

Optimize Wall printing: True

Alternate Extra Wall: True

Fill Gaps Between Walls: Everywhere

Z Seam Alignment: Sharpest Corner

Enable Ironing: True (Gives Better Top Layer)

Skin Overlap %: 10



Density: 100% (Before I get slack, I use this because I'm trying to make smaller gears that I don't want to bend easy, Going forward im just gonna get stronger material)

Infill Pattern: Grid

Infill line Multiplier: 1

Infill Overlap %: 15

Layer Thickness: .12mm

Skin Removal: 2mm



Temp: 210

Bed Temp: 60

Material: PLA

Flow: 130 (Using less gives worse prints, and I don't think it has to do with bed level, im looking into different extruders)



Speed: 45

Wall Speed: 25

Travel Speed: 150

# of Slower Layers: 2

Print Jerk: 20

Travel Jerk: 20



Enable Retraction: true

Traction Distance: 6mm

Traction Speed: 25mm

Combing: Off

Retract Before Outer Wall: True



Build Plate: Raft (Gives better adhesion vs everything else)


All Other settings are base or near base (Attached Profile)












Im still learning alot so feel to correct where needed






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    Posted · Walls are not comforming

    First of all you don't need a raft.  That's a waste of time.  Maybe you need it right now, lol.


    Anyway your problem is you have massive underextrusion.  You are extruding at about 50%.  Which is about what is expected if you have 1.75mm filament and your slicer thinks you have 3mm filament (actually closer to 37%).


    Try setting the flow to 265% on the printer and see if suddenly it is working great.  If so then somehow you have the wrong filament diameter in Cura.  The fix has something to do with materials settings but I forget how to do that.  You have to create or find a material that has diameter 1.75 instead of 2.85mm.


    I notice you set flow to 130%.  That's crazy normally.  If you have things set up properly you should never go over 110%.  I always set the flow to 100%.


    Alternatively maybe your printer doesn't have the steps/mm setup properly.  You could move the filamnet 100mm and then measure to see how far the material moved (use a marker and ruler or something).

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    Posted · Walls are not comforming

    Or maybe your extruder is not build properly.  It should be able to fight against around 10 pounds of force (around 5kg).  So try moving the extruder and pulling back on the filament until it slips through the extruder.  Then hold a 10 pound weight and compare (very rough is good enough).  If the problem is your extruder it will slip at less than 1 pound.

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