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UM2 Replacement Cooling Fan & Spool Holders

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Part 1: Replacement Cooling Fan

My UM2 has been making quite a racket when the two cooling fans come on, and I've found that the bearing in the right cooling fan is shot, and the vibration resonates through the sheetmetal ducting making it quite loud (peaking around 72dB). Does anyone know where I can get a swap-in replacement fan? I'm sure I could get one through Ultimaker themselves, but (no offense intended) they're quite busy right now and I'd like to repair this issue within the near future.

Part 2: Material Spool Holders

I'm finding that locating high quality 3mm PLA filament is tricky, and that when I do, it either comes on a reel that has a much smaller ID bore for mounting than the Ultimaker's spool holder allows (MakerGeeks), or doesn't come on a spool at all (Faberdashery). How do you usually go about using PLA that doesn't basically come on an Ultimaker spool, or does anyone know of a USA distributor who's reels fit the UM2's spool holder? I could design and print my own rear support, but I'm curious as to the communities experience before I dig into that.

Thanks for any input!


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Hi Das

Not sure where you can get a replacement fans there was a thread a couple of days ago discussing this dont know if that helps http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/topic/3778-letting-ultimaker-2-sit-hot-for-hours-creates-block-in-bowden-tube/?hl=sunon&do=findComment&comment=29570,%C2%A0%20i%20have%20a%20left%20fan%20that%20resonates%20through%20the%20sheetmetal%20so%20i%20got%20some%20longer%20screws%20and%20made%20a%203mm%20spacer%20so%20the%20spacer%20dampens%20the%20vibrations%20which%20works%20a%20treat%20zero%20noise%20now..., i have a left fan that resonates through the sheetmetal so i got some longer screws and made a 3mm spacer so the spacer dampens the vibrations which works a treat zero noise now...

As for a spool holder i printed this https://www.youmagine.com/designs/adjustable-heavy-duty-filament-spool#!design-embed%20and%20took%20the%20center%20piece%20to%20tinker%20cad%20and%20put%20a%2050mm%20hole%20in%20it%20works%20a%20treat%20with%20my%20Faberdashery%20filament.. and took the center piece to tinker cad and put a 50mm hole in it works a treat with my Faberdashery filament..


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I built my own spool holder out of wood that rests on the table.It's very ugly because I used scrap wood that is different colors. And for filament that has no spool I just put it on the floor flat and make sure it isn't tangling. Illuminarti puts his on a turntable which I tried once for a long print and that works well also. But the turntable is usually used for other things:



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I bought a replacement for the third fan (on the back) from http://www.digikey.com I imagine they have the side ones too.

Search on there for the part number for the fan. Also make sure that the problem really is the bearings on the fan, and not just the poor quality connection to the sheet metal work. Others have had noise problems that are primarily down to the fan not being attached to the metal very well, rather than any problems with the fan per se.


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Thanks guys! I didn't know if there was an OTS option with the connector or if I should just do a matching DigiKey / Mouser unit and re-do the connector myself.

cor3ys, I really like that holder for the Faberdashery filament, I'll probably take that concept and throw it into SolidWorks and modify to see if I can get something a tad more compact (doubt I can though).

gr5, I also really like the turntable "lazy susan" idea! That could be a good stop-gap until I can get something more permanent designed and built.

illuminarti, nice find on the turntable idea! I am sure it's the bearing, it's been making the characteristic knock since I got the unit, and the 8 hour print I ran yesterday finally killed it. I'll likely up-spec the heck out of the fan I get (better bearings) just in case.


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Ok I am blowing my own trumpet here, but this is the spool holder I designed.


Also I believe that Faberdashery will soon be selling their amazing PLA on spools soon.


Toot away, this looks like a great design! I'll get this one printing as soon as I get back from vacation! I was thinking of this exact thing, except customizing the arm length to my reel width so that there wouldn't be any significant in/out play. I may have to print a holder for each company, but I'm OK with that.

I'm really looking towards Faberdashery selling PLA on spools! It's rather expensive to get over here (shipping and conversion rate), but from what I've heard it can't be beat. I have some of their gold I was intending to use for Xmas baubles, but haven't yet had a chance to run it.


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