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Problems with one at a time printing

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Posted (edited) · Problems with one at a time printing

I'm currently trying to print out several ABS little rectangular prisms. I'm printing them with "one at a time" sequence selected. The back row always fails in a weird way and was wonder if anyone has ever experienced this and how to solve this issue. I have performed a manual bed level and I can print the objects in the same position by themselves without any problems here are some pictures to show the problem and good units (I flipped them upside down so you could see the bottom). It appears the first layer isn't getting a good squish but i don't know why or how it is so uniform.










Edit: The axis was hitting the units in the back and casing issues with the print. due to the height of the units. 


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    Posted · Problems with one at a time printing

    I think the problem has more to do with the rear area of your print bed.  The glass is tempered which results in a glass that is not perfectly flat.  You get a very wide piece of glass (at least a meter) where the center is thicker and the edges are thinner.  I think Ultimaker probably gets the center cuts only.  But even so the glass is not equally thick everywhere and tends to be higher in the very center (like a mountain) and lower all around the 4 sides.


    BUT WAIT - you have an S5?  It looks like an S5 which does active leveling.


    I think I know what the problem is!


    Active leveling only probes in the area where the print is plus around the print a bit.  I suspect there is a bug with "one at a time" where it only probes in the general area of where the first print is.  Do this:


    Do your "one at a time" print and watch the printer do active leveling.  Make take a video.  My guess is it will only probe a few points (say 16 or so) around where the FIRST print is to appear and won't bother leveling the rest of the bed.


    You might be able to fix things by doing a manual level and doing a really good job of it.  Maybe.  But the glass might not be flat enough.  If I'm right and this is a new bug I want to let the firmware people know.

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    Posted · Problems with one at a time printing

    It is an S5 pro bundle with air manager and material station. I know when it does the auto leveling probe it goes over the whole plate. I can print the row in the back without an issue by itself "one at a time" but when I have a row in front it has issues with only the back row.  The uniformity of the squish is what seems weird to me. 


    I went to take a video of the leveling and it failed. I redid a manual calibration. I started a new run and here is the auto cal video it goes over the entire plate. Had to zip the mp4 file.


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    Posted · Problems with one at a time printing

    I watched the video.  It looks like it leveled everywhere. 


    I see some areas that have purple glue stick.  I'm wondering if maybe the bad leveling happened on either side of a glue stick blob?  If the nozzle hits something (some leftover brim or something) and then the part is right next to that bump the leveling might print too high in the area of the bump.


    I would take the glass out.  Clean it very well with soap and warm water.  Then do a final cleaning with glass cleaner.  Then in stall glass back into printer.  Then put on some of that purple glue stick.  Then wet a tissue and spread the purple glue stick all over and thin it out (and in the process remove most of it).  You want the glue so thin you almost can't see it.


    Then heat the bed to 60C until all the water dries and you are left with an almost invisible layer of glue (AND NO HAND PRINTS).


    Then try printing again.  That's all I got but I think somehow active leveling failed you.

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    Posted · Problems with one at a time printing

    Well i was finally able to watch it as it moved to the one in the back and it looks like its a height issue and I'm going to need to stagger them to print properly the one of the axis was hitting the unit when it moved to the back print. That is also why the difference was always in the same line. and the exact way on each unit. Thanks for the help.

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