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severe extrusion malfunction

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Hello everybody.

yesterday during a 2h print session i got a severe malfunction while printing PLA.

I used the following settings during print:

Speed: 50 mm/s

layer hight: .1mm

hot end temperature: 190°C

bed temperature: 65°C

After about 2h the extrusion of material suddently stopped. Since i was listening to music i can´t tell you whether there was the typical "klack,klacK" feeder sound before.

When i realized it, i tried to clean out the nozzle by increasing the hot end temperture. Unfortunatelly i couldn´t get any filament out of the nozzle even with a temperature up to 260°C.

Today i tried to remove the filament via the "change material" option. The filament didn´t even move and now the knurled bolt is running free. I guess the filament was grinded away *g*.

Can you give me any adwise how to proceed?

Greetings lean


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Instead of using "Change Material" use "move material" (under advanced settings). Wait the hot end to reach the temperature. The jog dial is used to control the extruder motor. Use one hand to pull back the filament while with the dial move the motor in the same direction.


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Are you sure it's stuck in the hot end? Most likely you've just worn down the filament at the extruder motor, so it can't grip it any more.

BTW, move material is buggy in anything but the latest firmware from the beta version of Cura and may not do anything. Finally, once the filament is ground down, the only thing to do is to eject it, and cut off the damaged piece. It's not a good idea to manually 'help' it to pass up into the bowden tube, as the damaged filament will be mis-shapen and have sharp edges, and be more likely to get stuck or do damage when it gets to the hot end.

Hence my suggestion to do 'Change Material' and give the motor some extra help by pulling the filament when it's trying to eject the filament.

If that doesn't work, then you are going to have to remove at least the Bowden tube from the hot end, and pull the filament out by hand, having heated the head up to 250º or so.


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I am having the same experience. Any luck? I have tried changing material, heating the nozzle and moving the filament manually, tiny amount comes out during manual movement. Extruder tension wheel moves back and forth, I have tried adjusting to both ends of the range and switching materials to see what I can do. No luck


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UM Original or UM2?

I have tried adjusting to both ends of the range

If this is the UM2 feeder you want the white squares all the way up to the top (minimum tension).

If this is a UM2, consider powering off and on, then heat up head to 220, then push UM filament through feeder (feeder will not offer much resistance). Try pulling and pushing to see if there is resistance possibly in the bowden or if there is maybe a clog in your nozzle.


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This is a brand new U2 have only made 2 prints before it stopped extruding entirely. First 2 prints were very underextruded. White square is all the way at the top, now. It shipped to me set 2 marks from the bottom and was very difficult to originally load the included blue material.

I heated the nozzle and removed the filament clipped it fresh, re fed the material which seemed to move to the nozzle without difficulty, and a tiny little amount emerged from the tip.

I try to push the material manually with a hot tip or by using the advanced setting (move material) Neither one allows the filament to move. I really feel like the tip is clogged.


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