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ulticontroller see sdcard empty

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I just finished my first print with the UM original and it is really nice !

But I had to launch the print from my imac because the ulticontroller don't see the files I added to the sdcard.

I tried to format the card twice (first from my mac and another time from windows XP) as FAT32 but still nothing.

The ulticontroller notice that the sdcard is inserted but when entering it there is only a "main" option that get me back to the previous menu.

Any idea on what can be wrong ?


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Sometimes it helps the small write-protect switch of the SD card back and forth to move.

I was able to format my SD card without any problems, but my UM2 did not show content.

After that there were no more problems.


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Hi guys, I'm having the exact same problem as Jonathan, but I've tried formatting and saving the files again onto the SD card. I've tried both AMF and STL files. I've tried inserting the SD card both with write protect on and off; but it still regards my SD card as being empty. Just an option to go back to the main menu.

This is quite poor. As well; my ulticontroller screen keeps on glitching randomly, and you cannot read what's written there unless you unplug the USB cable and plug it back in. I have check the connection to the circuit board and it's solid. It glitches even without being touched.

Any help you guys can give would be much appreciated.


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Hm, that does not sound so good, here is a small ToDo list for you :

- SD-card < = 2GB ? Higher capacities can cause problems.

- SD-Card-Format : FAT32 ?

- All files and Folders with no special characters or fonts ?

- Not too many folder levels, not too many folders nested within each other ?

- All file extensions correctly ?

- Test the SD card while the printer is not connected via USB to a computer.

- Try a reformatting of the SD card to alternative devices.

- Write-protect switch on the SD card may be faulty, test another card.

- The gold contacts on the SD card could be contaminated or damaged, with a special fiberglass pen they can be cleaned. Alternatively and additionally, you can clean it with a Q -tip and medical alcohol (Isopropanol).

I in your situation :

- I would really check all the existing electrical connections again. Pull every little plug, inspect, and insert again.

- After all this, a re- uploading the firmware, and or a factory reset might be the solution.

By the way:

So now I do not know if you have a UM1 or UM2. But the display of the UM2 flickers randomly, and just everything is unreadable, but that should not be a problem.

Now I'm at the end ...


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It only takes a few minutes actually, but if you take the wood cover off the ulticontroller you will see a small potentiometer in there. You have to pretty much take the whole thing apart. Turn that back and forth (while power is on) until the display is perfect.


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