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noise of build plate movement

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I sounds like something is periodically catching and releasing; look at the folded white plate that the rods stick up through. Is it properly centered around the holes - particularly on the smooth rods: make sure that the rods aren't catching on the edge of the aluminum skin around the holes in the plate.

Then try looking under the plate and see if you see anything vibrating, or any signs of wear on the back wall of the printer.

Failing that, I suspect that the vertical bearings might not be quite properly tightened. You would need to remove the folded cover (by undoing a couple of screws on the underside of the bed) in order to move it out of the way, and check what is going on behind it.


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I can definitely hear something in the first video but I'm not sure what it is to be honest. It's like a weird mix of vibration and something else. In adition to Illuminarti's tips perhaps it would be a good idea to check that the z-screw is lubricated enough. And of course sticking your head in there (be careful please :p ) and see if you can locate the sound.

The second video sounds just fine to me as well. I'm guessing it's the sound @5seconds you're worried about? That's just the normal sound of the bed moving down during a print.


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