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watercooling pads for nema17s

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Hi guys,

wanted to share you my latest Ultimaker hack challenge.

i intend to silence my additional steppercoolingsystem by changing from fans to watercooling.

they fit snugly over the cooling pads and rest against the back of the steppermotors.

those cooling pieces are from aliexpress.com.. 5pcs cost me about 15$

im still researching how i could cool the stepper drivers and the hot-ends cold side with the same system..

going to use a UV glow cooling agent in transparent tubes... not yet shure which colour though.

im happy to have some peltier Thermoelectric modules to bring down the water temp in the radiator..

i want them to be switchable to eighter produce power and light up some LEDs or actively cooling down my fluid.


here your go:



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thx guys.

because i can, nails it. :)

i want the machine to stand out more in my crazy lab.

besides this, my waterpump is completely silent. so now i can enjoy the pure song of my steppers. ;)

(gonna make my next UM from Tonewood... )

watercooling also eliminated any unwanted wind-chill effects coming from my addtional fans on the steppers.

this always affected my ABS prints.

heres my testsetup. right now i am measuring the tube lenghts and test my experimental Tank/passive radiator/bubbler/pump glass jar..

no overpressure vent yet.. gonna use unbreakable laboratory bottles later.


to make LEDs light up just by waste temperature is great..

in future i might also want to try to use the radiator device as hot build plate substitute..

have to see what temps i can get out of it..

only, i am a bit worried about adding weight to the fly head.. fluids tend to add a lot of wobble... maybe i leave the second fan on there


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Some update Pics arrive...

I finished the build while the UM was running.. like a open-heart procedure.

got a temp reader on there. Next is to get a nicer tank... ;)

and removing old fans that tangle around here and there.

after 3h of Printing i get stable 33.5°C on my tank. no extra radiator yet..

btw that little temp reader is not accurate by +- 2° C.

i meashure with a gun-type meter too.



and the future coolant



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