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does this nozzle fits the UM2?

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Thanks for the link, i will try the software manipulation!

The nozzle and heat chamber is a single piece on the UM2 so you cannot purchase just a separate nozzle unfortunately. Get in contact with Ultimaker and see if they can help you out with a new piece.

Oh, i thought it could just be screwed out :???:. So no chance to put a smaller nozzle on the UM2?

My 0.4 nozzle is not broken, i just want to try print really small tubes and thought a smaller nozzle would help.


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If you ask nicely, UM will give you a free second nozzle. Offer to pay for it and they will likely refuse your money. Step 2 is to modify the nozzle for .25mm opening - maybe talk to a machinist or go to a local fablabb or makerspace and see if you can maybe solder the hole closed and then drill it out again.

I have 2 nozzles for my UM2: .4mm and .7mm

Unfortunately it is not easy to swap - it takes 20 minutes or so although I get faster each time.


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