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UM2 OLED glitches?

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Does anyone else's UM2 OLED display "glitch" ? By which I mean the entire screen image jumps to the right by about 10-20 pixels briefly and then goes back to normal. It's like when horizontal sync would fail on an old analog TV. It only does it once or twice every few minutes, only for a split second, and it's working fine otherwise. It doesn't matter what is being displayed, and it will do it while I'm navigating menus.

It does seem to get better or worse at different times.. sometimes it does it more, sometimes not at all... Which makes me wonder if it's a power supply hiccup or issue with the OLED. Or maybe it's a communication / timing issue with the OLED display? I haven't (yet) been able to correlate those differences in its manifestation to specific machine states (printing / high temperature / lots of movement / etc)

Just wondering if others have seen this or not, and if it's any cause for concern.

I'm using the firmware that comes with Cura 14.05RC4


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I've handled a lot of printers and I've seen it from time to time, but it's fairly rare. It has never been an issue when it comes to functionality though. I wouldn't worry unless it starts freaking out constantly and interferes with your ability to operate the printer.

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