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Hello Can anyone print me a copy of Roberts extruder?

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You could perhaps be able, Robert's feeder to print in sufficient quality:

Clean the original feeder and possibly the Print Head.

If the engine is too weak, then it jumps back, he makes an inadvertent retraction. There is the possibility of the motor current to increase in Cura something for more power when printing. When the knurled wheel slips over the filament, then try a slightly stronger spring tension, and use a slower print speed with perhaps 30-35mm / s. For the recommended speed, use an unusually high print temperature of, for example, 220 to 235 degrees, thus the filament flow is greatly improved.

Even if the print result at the end may not look satisfactory, could manage a temporary installation anyway. That should be enough to then later reprint the feeder in better quality.



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In addition:

- make sure there are no grinded filament in the Bowden. It can add pressure and cause your feeder to grind more.

- open your stock feeder cover and clean it up a bit like mnis mentioned

I print long prints very often (did two 35 hours print in the last 4-5 days) and it not a cause for having grinding issues.


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I could probably print you an extruder over the weekend but I'm not sure it'd be neccisary. I've had similar issues with my printer, especialy with 3mm vs 2.85mm fillament. The solution that works best for me is to crank the heat up. I run "large" PLA at about 230. It gets stringy but a quick brush with a torch cleans it up pretty nice. However, I usualy print for fit and function, not usualy for asthetics.. If you need, or want, a new extruder let me know and I'll try to find time on my printer.


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