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Skipping corners on Spiralize

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Im trying to print a small vase and have just a single outer layer. I set it on spiralize out contour.

As it was printing I noticed it has small gaps spiralling around the vase on the corners.

I went back and could see it in Cura. (yeah I know i should have checked before printing)

Is there any fix for this?

SAM 0305

Screen Shot 2014 10 12 At 10.08.27 Pm


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I'm not seeing any problem in the slicer - I think you are just seeing a moire pattern due to the resolution - if you zoom into those "holes" I think they will disappear.

The part itself seems to be suffering from some underextrusion. Usually fixed by printing slower (try half speed) or hotter (maybe 240C?). What were your settings for layer height, shell thickness, speed and temp (those are the 4 numbers that work together to tell you if you are printing too fast or too cold)?

Also what is your shell thickness? If you have a .4mm nozzle and ask for .8mm, Cura will do the equivalent of 200% flow and try to get .8mm of filament out of a .4mm nozzle. This works pretty well for things you want to be water tight but you have to print extra hot or slow as the pressures in the nozzle are much higher than normal.


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I was using a .8mm nozzle and printing at 210deg at 30mm/s and .2 layers. Was printing with 1 shell thickness of .8

I will need to adjust temps a little but when it was printing i could actually see it jumping across the corner as per the blue line in the slicer picture. yes i have noticed there no actual holes but its leaving blobs on the inside edge of the receiving corner.

What looks like under extrusion, spirals around the vase the whole way up and is actually a thicker line then the rest and is at the same points where its jumping the corner.

SAM 0314

SAM 0312


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I have had this issue before and it is caused by a too high layer height and/or a too high speed. when printing in spiralized mode the layer won't always stick to the layer below it. Because the surface area is very small , and the head moves relatively uickly, the head "pulls" the filament with it, which causes gaps.

I advice you to reduce layer height or reduce the speed


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First of all Daid, thank you. Cura is the best slicer out there! I've got most folks at my makerspace switched.

I can confirm that bug. I just saw it yesterday running http://www.proto-pasta.com/shop/cfpla filled filament for the first time. Highly recommended by the way. The precision produced by this filament is stunning.

spiralize tears


It's new to 14.09, not there in 14.07:


1409 spiral tear screen shots


FYI, here's a https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByHl5gxPxiYCamZtOVY5SGFFemM/view?usp=sharing I use for testing and the https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByHl5gxPxiYCbzgyRWV4dk1fVDA/view?usp=sharing used.



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Spiralize is a software hack where (among other things like don't print top) it slices normally and then *after* it adds more and more Z. So if you turn off spiralize you probably *also* get those little blue movements combined with a Z movement just before. But usually cura keeps the Z seam in one spot so you don't get the blue movements whether spiralize is on or not.


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Ignace is right. If you turn off spiralize in 14.09 it prints cleanly, ie uses that new feature correctly.

on the left is 14.07 with spiralize on, on the right 14.09 with spiralize off, almost perfect in both cases:

14.07 spiralize vs 14.09 standard


but the inside with spiralize off in 14.09 has messy hanging wiped material:

inside 14.07 vs 14.09


easy enough to do a work around for now.



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